Everything You Need to Know About the IsaBody Challenge

When you think about athletic competitions, you probably imagine bulging muscles, washboard abs, and a bronze tan.

That’s not the IsaBody Challenge® . The intention behind Isagenix and the IsaBody Challenge is simple: to spread good health and wealth; it’s not a diet—it’s the start of a transformational journey that can last a lifetime.

“The IsaBody Challenge is such an amazing support vehicle and it’s all about creating your best life,” says 2013 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Kelly Ann Z. “You receive a new sense of confidence with amazing health and energy by creating the life you’ve always wanted.”

Because we believe so strongly that we offer solutions to transform lives, the IsaBody Challenge works in a completely different way than your typical weight-loss competition.

The IsaBody Challenge is a total body transformation that provides accountability, coaching, and support to help you complete your 16 weeks, and achieve the results you want—all while competing for over $200,000 in cash and prizes.

Judging is based on an inspirational essay that reveals a personal story and Isagenix journey behind your physical transformation. In addition, you are required to submit “before” and “after” photos.

Why the Challenge Matters to You

The IsaBody Challenge rewards participants for both body and life transformations. Participants who not only improve their physical health but also their lifestyles and have the most compelling essays will become the Challenge Finalists.

“The IsaBody Challenge is about more than just weight loss. It’s about improving your life, gaining the energy to live your life to the fullest, and empowering yourself to reach your health and fitness goals,” says Kaetlynn Daoust, IsaBody Communications Specialist. “The Challenge is more exciting than ever with amazing incentives to complete and get your very own ‘after’ photo.”

No matter your size, shape, or fitness level, you’re invited to participate in the IsaBody Challenge by setting and achieving new goals for health and wellness.

The History of the IsaBody Challenge

Since 2007, Isagenix has led the charge in helping to transform lives by rewarding everyone with a passion to take the reigns of their health and complete an IsaBody Challenge.

A handful of people completed the very first IsaBody Challenge. Today thousands complete the Challenge every year. More than 140 Finalists and eight incredible Grand Prize Winners have taken the stage to showcase their amazing results.

Particpants from all walks of life have experienced the transformative power of the IsaBody Challenge. From young athletes looking to get back into shape to corporate go-getters looking to release unwanted pounds, everyday folks just like you are snagging the $25,000 USD grand prize every year.

“If you’re like most people, you’re looking to shed some unwanted pounds or inches, gain lean muscle, or you’re just looking to feel younger,” explains Vice President of Global Field Development Erik Coover. “Whatever your aspirations, the IsaBody Challenge was created as a motivational vehicle to help you create your ideal body and way of life.”

Over $200,000 in Prizes!

Sure, gaining energy and losing weight are incredible outcomes of the IsaBody Challenge—but one of our favorite parts of the Challenge is giving people their share of over $200,000 in prizes!

In order to get your cut of the $200,000 pie, participants must be active Isagenix Associates (or Preferred Customers), and remain active throughout the duration of their 16-week Challenge. There are three judging periods per year where a total of 15 finalists are selected to compete for the grand prize.

Every person who completes an IsaBody Challenge receives a $200 Isagenix product coupon. They also receive an exclusive IsaBody Challenge T-shirt, an IsaBody Challenge Achievement Certificate, an entry into the IsaBody Challenge Transformation Cruise drawing, and an opportunity to have their inspirational story, pictures, and body transformation published in Isagenix promotional materials.

All IsaBody Finalists receive $3,000 USD in cash, free tickets and paid expenses to an Isagenix event, and free tickets and paid expenses for themselves and a guest to Celebration for the selection of the Grand Prize Winner. The best part is that Finalists receive a paid trip for them (and a guest!) on the IsaBody Challenge Transformation Cruise.

The Grand Prize Winner receives $25,000 USD cash, personal photo shoots, and paid trips to major events, classes, and trainings around the nation, as well as a trip with their guest on the cruise!

With the IsaBody Challenge, there’s NO reason not to get involved—everybody’s a winner and the best that can happen is that you improve your health and outlook on life! Learn more about the IsaBody Challenge prizes here.

To join the IsaBody Challenge for free, go to your Back Office and click on IsaBody Challenge under “Contests and Promotions.” Be sure to review the Rules and FAQ on the official website at Not yet an Isagenix Associate? Reach out to the person who shared this story with you to find out how you can begin your IsaBody transformation.

Here’s to you and your health!