This is the fourth of a four-part series discussing how using AMPED™ can improve your performance. In February, we broke down four common types of people who can benefit from using AMPED to fuel their performance—those who are looking to improve endurance, gain muscle, improve strength and power, or heighten everyday activity. See the other articles in this series:

Everyday Active for Everyone

While endurance, bodybuilding, and strength training pertain to specific types of athletes, everyday activity applies to everyone who enjoys physical activity. Whether you run a few miles on the treadmill, hike on the weekend, or play pickup basketball after work, improving your overall physical performance can help make activities like these more efficient and enjoyable.

Nutrition You Need to Improve Everyday Activity

Even casually active adults require the same building blocks as elite athletes, just on a different scale. Nutrition to support blood flow, electrolytes to sustain activity, and branched-chain amino acids (proteins) to support better recovery are all components to support better physical performance in active adults.

How Can AMPED Products Help?


It’s not technically in the AMPED products family, but e+™ is a popular favorite for both athletes and active adults as a way to kick-start workouts and energize the body and mind before exercise. † The natural caffeine and Adaptogens are really handy for those early morning workouts or mid-day pick-me-ups when you need a boost before the gym. The synergistic blend of creatine, Nitrosigine®, and citrulline in AMPED Power help increase strength and power during your routine so you get the most out of your workout. †


Even during mild activity, your body loses a lot of water and nutrients through sweat. AMPED Hydrate (formerly Replenish™) helps keep you hydrated while you work out. (You can drink AMPED Hydrate before and after workouts, too.)


Maybe you’re not training for a bodybuilding competition, but your muscles still need to recover properly after exercise if you want to see an improvement in your overall performance and daily life. As muscles break down during intense exercise, AMPED Recover uses branched-chain amino acids to support muscle rebuilding.†

Additional Options

  • Ionix® Supreme – Adaptogens and natural botanicals help combat the negative effects of physical stress.†
  • IsaLean® PRO Shake – A high-quality, high-protein meal replacement shake to help you build lean muscle.
  • AMPED NOx – A pre-workout supplement to support blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles. †
  • Ageless Essentials Daily Pack – Contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to help your body function properly.†

Make Every Day Your Own

Everyone is different, and you may find that certain products work best for you. The above plan is a suggestion, but feel free to add other products to your routine to see how to improve your endurance and fitness. Visit your Back Office to order one of our Performance Systems and AMPED products today.

Nitrosigine is a registered trademark of Nutrition 21, LLC and is patent protected.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.