vinniejojo 2“Who would have thought that wanting to lose ten pounds would bring us to financial freedom?”

Nine years ago, Las Vegas entrepreneur JoJo was a successful owner of several local tanning salons who was looking to lose a few pounds. She and her husband, Vinnie – a union electrician – had a good life.  When she was introduced to Isagenix, she was in the middle of a Master Cleanse, a liquid-only diet and an experience she was not enjoying. She and her husband both tried the 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, with much better results. “Outside of the weight I lost, I also gave up my coffee habit, my mental fog went away and my workouts got better,” shares JoJo.

Selling the Salons

Before using Isagenix products, JoJo was considering selling her salons and going back to school for a nutritional degree. After about six months of using Isagenix and sharing it with others, a light bulb went on. “I woke up one morning and realized I was doing everything that I wanted to do to help people right here,” she says. After two weeks of diligent research, she decided to sell her salons and pursue Isagenix full time. Three days after she listed her businesses for sale, she had a buyer.

A few months later, the economy across the nation and especially in Las Vegas took a serious downturn. JoJo worked on building her Isagenix business and was making a good income. The construction industry, however, didn’t fare so well. “All of these skilled laborers – electricians, steel workers and carpenters – got sent home to sit on the couch and collect unemployment,” recalls JoJo. Eventually, Vinnie could no longer find work. JoJo invited him to do the business with her, but he refused. While he was looking for work, she says, “I paid off our car payments, I paid off everything and my business continued to grow.” Still, Vinnie didn’t think network marketing or Isagenix was right for him.

An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse

JoJo was convinced Vinnie would be an asset to her Isagenix business and that joining the business would give him back a sense of purpose. She took him to a training retreat, led by Isagenix Business Trainer David Wood, in Belize. “I told him he had to go, that I was taking him to this beautiful island. But he had no idea what he was in for,” she laughs. “Sure enough,” says JoJo, “he came back engaged and ready to build a business with me.”

JoJo Belize 2013

Together, they’ve built more than their business. They’ve also strengthened their marriage. While they tend to work separately, on different parts of the business, they are each other’s cheerleaders, sounding boards and support systems – something everyone needs, no matter their profession.

JoJo and Vinnie are now 5-Star Golden Circle, 1-Star Executives earning more than $20,000 each month.* JoJo stresses the importance of team support and emphasizes that no matter how long you’ve been here, you can find massive success in your business, as long as you don’t give up.

She urges her fellow business builders, “On the bad days, find somebody to support you and lift you up. On the good days, find somebody to celebrate with. And, whatever you do, don’t walk away.”

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