Zach and EdenZach and Eden are Isagenix business builders on a mission to change the world. These START ambassadors are 5-Star Golden Circle, 1-Star Crystal Executives taking home $23,000-$46,000** a month! And they want to share this opportunity. Eden comes from a business management background, previously working as a financial controller. Zach’s background is in training, coaching and building sales teams. Eden crunches the numbers and Zach works with the team to use the same tools and grow their businesses.

“Our strategy is simply focused on putting money in our team members’ pockets as soon as possible,” says Eden. “So we work with people and help them reach Consultant before their boxes even show up at their door. So right away they’ve already earned back half or all of their product cost and they’re already flowing cash in.”

Succeeding With START

START is a community of 18 to 35 year old entrepreneurs where members can offer support and encouragement for each other. As ambassadors, Zach and Eden are leaders and active participants in the group.

“START really gives me a place where I can be reminded every single day of what’s possible for a generation that’s looking for something other than what their parents did,” explains Zach. “Day in and day out I can go to the START Facebook page and I can hear people’s stories and I can use those stories to inspire other people that are ages 18-35.” The group is full of people who are succeeding and leaving the status quo behind, that’s a powerful tool right there.

What NOT to Do

At first, they say, they were only focused on their own production. “We were cleanse coaches,” shares Zach. “We were really caught up in only talking about the product. We never talked about the business.” Instead of developing leaders, they were spending a lot of time coaching people on using the product – something that Isagenix already does with free tools. “As soon as we shifted away from being cleanse coaches and let the tools do the talking,” Zach recalls, “we shifted into being true business leaders and true business mentors. That’s when our business really took off.”

Favorite Ways to Make Money

“We LOVE the Executive Leadership Pools,” says Eden. “They are such a great pathway to replacing income. We always work with our leaders who are getting close to Director or Executive and help them project what their income would be for that month if they hit those goals.” Showing their team members what’s on the table helps motivate them to hit their next goal. “The pools,” says Eden, “take somebody from earning a really generous income, to exploding and really having the opportunity to look at this as a full-time business and replace the income that they’re getting from their jobs.”

“Another thing we’ve used really successfully,” adds Zach, “is the Enroller’s Club. We’re powerful recruiters, so we know we’re going to have access to free vitamins month in and month out.” With their household vitamin needs covered, Zach and Eden, use the surplus to run internal promotions within their team. “Personally,” says Zach, “I love opening our business blueprint and seeing who is next up for Enroller’s Club.” By sending them a little note letting them know that with their next enrollment they can earn free vitamins, Zach and Eden motivate their team to go out and enroll another person.

Organization and Deliberate Action

Zach and Eden are a well-oiled machine with contrasting but very compatible skill-sets and backgrounds. Though you might not be able to duplicate their strengths, you can capitalize on their mindset. Simply put, says Eden, “we’re business owners so we’re treating this like a business. We have spreadsheets that track our income. We look at our growth, we look at our trends.”

In regards to their team, she says, “we make sure we work with everyone who is working. We’re not going to waste time with people who just talk. We’re going to use our time wisely with the people who are really putting forth the effort and are interested in evolving new skills and we’ve really focused our efforts on them and reward them for their hard work.”

It’s crucial, Eden emphasizes, to understand things like how the leadership pools work, where all the reports are in the back office and how to use the provided tools. “Companies have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the analytics that we have at our fingertips,” she marvels. “So, to me it would just be really silly to let that sit there and not use it. That’s just how you make money.”

We don’t focus on anybody’s weaknesses. We focus on everyone’s strengths and we know who to call for specific things so that we can leverage each other’s talents. Everyone knows, for example, that when it comes time to game plan the leadership pools, they call me and we open up the books together. Don’t get caught up in trying to become really good at numbers if it doesn’t come to you naturally. Instead, find somebody on your team who is really good at numbers and work with them.

Finding the Right People

Zach and Eden don’t have a magic wand that picks strong potential team members out of crowds – they’re savvy in how they approach and build their team. Zach explains, “My core belief around the network marketing business model is to teach a lot of people how to do just a little bit with really simple skill-sets. When you do that, their confidence grows, their belief grows and their willingness to try doing more grows. As they do more, they contribute more to their lives, the world and your team. Suddenly, you’ll see a few people – often ones you’d never expect – ready to be your next rock star and run with you.”

**Earning levels for Isagenix® Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at