Jessica WJessica and her husband Johnathan are in the middle of a 3-year military deployment in Japan. She’s a stay-at-home mom to two kids and loves being able to contribute to her family’s income with her Isagenix business. See what she has to say about how Isagenix has changed her life and why she loves the START group!

How did you discover Isagenix?

I was introduced to Isagenix by a good friend, after trying pretty much everything to help me lose the last of my baby weight. Luckily I tried Isagenix and within the first week I was in love! I started losing weight in the first week. And, I completely kicked my coffee addiction and gained so much natural energy, I didn’t even know what to do with it!

How has the business opportunity changed your life?

The products are amazing but the opportunity that we have been given is out of this world. Isagenix has given us a chance to dream again! We can choose our own path: Where we’ll live, how much money we’ll make, where our kids will go to school…and so much more. We are forever blessed!!

Right now you’re a 3-Star Golden Circle, 2-Star Crystal Executive and you’re building your business from Japan, how does that work?

Growing my business while stationed here has been a struggle, but I’ve persevered and succeeded! I started the products a few months after we moved here, and since Isagenix doesn’t do business in Japan, I concentrate my efforts on my contacts in the U.S. (Note: As U.S. citizens on military deployment, Jessica and her family are able to have Isagenix products shipped to them on base.)

I grew my business using Facebook and social media. The time difference limits me but when you have a huge goal and you’re determined, these limitations mean nothing!

What advice would you give to your fellow business builders?

My advice to fellow business builders is to dream big! The compensation plan is insane and you can literally do whatever you want without any limits. Set goals for yourself. Make your “Why” so powerful that it makes you cry and let that drive you to the top.

You’re a member of START. What has that meant to you?

It has been huge for me. The motivation I get from these young people is so inspiring. Being a part of a group that is so positive and is seriously changing the world every day, it feels SO good!