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Olympic Gold Medalist Strives for New Gold With Isagenix

Natalie Cook

Golden Opportunity
Natalie is no stranger to hard work and knows it takes focus to make dreams a reality. After just a handful of years playing volleyball, she received the call of a lifetime: did she want to go to the Olympics? Thus began her journey to five Olympics games playing sand volleyball.

“I quickly found out that when you’re in a bikini, you can’t hide your weight,” remembers Natalie. “After we won bronze in Atlanta in 1996, we knew we needed to look at my weight to prepare for Sydney in 2000.”

The world-class athlete cobbled together nutritional supplements and dropped 25 pounds, but it was time-consuming. Still, the weight loss and training worked. During the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia she and her partner took home the gold, the first for Australia.

Nutritional Gold Comes Knocking
Fast-forward six months after retiring from the sport. Carrying an extra 10 pounds from the “post-Olympic-eat-and-drink-whatever-you-want,” Natalie nearly tripped over an Isagenix® box.

“I saw the system and was so excited by it all. It was like health in a box,” shares Natalie. “You don’t have to make your own cocktail of nutrition. It’s all there.”
Within days, she had released seven pounds.* Then, 20 people joined her for a cleanse. That’s when her Isagenix business exploded.

“I didn’t think I had earned anything,” laughs Natalie. “There were thousands of dollars in my account. It was a light bulb moment for me.”

The Gold Standard
So what’s next for the gold medalist? Focusing on going for the equivalent of gold in her Isagenix business: Isagenix Millionaire.

“My 20-year career in the sport of sand volleyball was driven by passion and the desire to win the gold medal,” says Natalie. “In my Isagenix business, I know if I want to reach Millionaire, it’s going to be a journey.”

Together, she and her life partner Sarah M., are committed to transforming 1 million lives, with freedom as the ultimate goal.