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Ask any Isagenix business builder who is growing their business globally about how it has impacted them. Why? Isagenix is open in 12 countries across the world, so the possibilities to share our products and grow your business are endless.

As Isagenix continues to grow, we want you to grow with us. To support you in sharing Isagenix, we have put all the necessary tools into one convenient place on IsagenixBusiness.com. This one-stop shop is now your go-to destination for all your international business building needs.

Now, all you need to do is get started. Begin by following these five simple steps:

1. Get an International Sponsorship

Having an international sponsorship allows you to:

  • Share Isagenix in all regions.
  • Build an international business.
  • Gain access to tools, training, and valuable resources.

To fill out the international sponsorship application, log in to your Back Office, click on the “Orders” tab, and select “International Sponsorship.”

2. Study the Market

Learn about each of the markets Isagenix currently operates in around the world. Simply select the country of interest to gain insight about the industry, available systems and packs, pricing, and more.

3. Use Your Isagenix Business Tools

Isagenix has an abundance of tools for you to use to grow your business. Even more, many of them are free. From videos and flyers to tips and articles, the information is yours to use and share.

4. Start Locally

One tip to successfully connecting overseas is to start locally. Find people who already have established relations in other regions, and use social media as a bridge to global markets.

5. Use Events and Help Your Team Get Connected

Events build business. Learn about the global events, and plug your teams into a system that works! This is their opportunity to connect with local staff and leadership. Make sure your team is attending events by extending the invitation.

For more on how to Build Local, Grow Global, visit IsagenixBusiness.com.