The Welcome Back Promotion is updated as of Nov. 2018! Please CLICK HERE  for details! 

A New Year & a New Opportunity to Transform Your Body

We are offering a special promotion for a limited time to our past Customers, making this the perfect time to restart with Isagenix! Don’t spend another day wondering if you gave it your all when committing to a healthy lifestyle. Think of how much better you’ll feel when fueled with excellent nutrition. Jump back in to Isagenix today, and save!

We Are Welcoming Back Eligible* Past Customers With:

  • Free Autoship Membership – A US$29 value! Receive the lowest price on Isagenix products all year-round as a Preferred Customer.
  • Free** Shipping on Initial Order – This is up to US$25 off ground shipping!
  • Your Previous Spot on Your Enrolling Sponsor’s Placement Tree.

If You’re a Past Customer, Here’s How to Take Advantage:

Rejoining Isagenix through this Welcome Back opportunity is so simple. Eligible past Customers need only log back into their Isagenix Customer Account using their previous username and password. From there, place a product order of 1 BV or more and you are officially a Member!

Unable to Log In?

If you’re unable to log in, try the following three steps:

  • Connect with your Enrolling Sponsor to obtain your Member ID.
  • abo-log-in-reset-passwordReset your password (if you forgot it).
  • If all else fails, call Customer Care at 877-877-8111 to reactivate your Membership, reconnect with your Enrolling Sponsor, or place your next order!

If You’re Currently an Isagenix Customer or Preferred Customer Who Would Like to Welcome Back Past Team Members:

  • Make sure you transition your account to Associate status. 
  • Review your “Personally Enrolled” report in the Back Office. Eligible past Customers you can welcome back will be highlighted in green and will show the word “Eligible” in their Welcome Back column.
  • Visit to learn best practices on approaching past Customers.

2018 Is Your Year to Transform Your Body!

*Eligible past Customers are previous Isagenix Members whose membership expired more than 90 days ago, who were not terminated by Isagenix, and who reside in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, or New Zealand.

**Free Isagenix ground shipping (US$25/CA$27.77/AU/NZ$14.95 value) is automatically applied to the initial qualifying order. Welcome Back customers who purchase a Pak that currently offers free membership (Value, Premium and Ultimate) will receive a US$29 Pak price reduction.