vs-IsaFYI-600x400Have you ever been asked to compare Isagenix versus another health and wellness product or another network marketing company?

It seems like a complicated question, requiring lots of research, but the answer is simple!

You don’t need to know every detail about Isagenix vs. the competition. All you need to know is why the person is asking you that question.

Step 1: Where are they coming from?

Someone has said to you, “Hey, you! How does Isagenix compare to Brand X?”

Your first question to them should be, “well, are you currently using Brand X? Or, have you previously used Brand X?”

When they respond, you take the opportunity to ask what they like about that brand (or what they’ve heard about that brand).

Step 2: Who’s asking?

If you’re talking to a health professional, they probably want to know because they want the nitty-gritty details on the ingredients in the products and the science supporting them. You can share resources from IsaProduct.com and IsagenixHealth.net and let them get into all the scientific lingo their heart desires!

If you’re talking to someone who is interested in personally using the products, or building a residual income with our compensation plan, it’s time to go to the next step.

Step 3: What’s important to them?

Now that you know what they like about the competitor, it’s time to find out what’s important to them.

It’s as easy as asking, “When it comes to a meal replacement (or other product/solution) what’s most important to you?”

They might say that affordability is most important, or taste.

Step 4: Ask about other attributes that they might value.

You know that Isagenix has a no-compromise quality policy, and that we are constantly striving to validate (and improve) the efficacy of our products with science. So take a moment to see if the things that make us unique are also important to the person you’re talking to.

You might ask, “When it comes to a meal replacement (or other product/solution) is it important to you that the product has the highest-quality ingredients and is backed by scientific research?”

Most people will probably say, “Yes!”

The Bottom Line

So now you know what the person is looking for and why, and you’ve even given them some extra value to consider. Next you’ll want to tell them why Isagenix is better than Brand X, right? WRONG!

People don’t want to know why you DIS-like something, they want to know what will work for them, why it will work for them, and how it will work for them.

Would you want to buy from a car dealer who showed you every car on the lot that wouldn’t work for you, and who wasted your time explaining why they were all sub-par? No way! You want to look at what will work for you: what will fit your price range and your everyday needs.

Try something like, “Great! So here’s the thing. I can’t speak to Brand X’s products, but, if I could show you how Isagenix products are convenient, and how they could save you money on your monthly grocery bill, would you be interested in getting started?”

Don’t spend your time tirelessly researching competitors! Use your time to build your knowledge about Isagenix products and solutions. Focus on getting to know people and finding out what they need and value. Then, present the ways in which Isagenix fulfills those needs and supports those values. They’ll be ready to get started right away, or they won’t. If they aren’t ready to get started, maybe it’s just not the right time for them, or maybe it’s just not the right fit. Either way, you’ve given them what they needed to know in a respectful and efficient manner. And that’s a win for everyone!

Learn more about Isagenix products at IsaProduct.com, find out more about the science behind Isagenix at IsagenixHealth.net, get details on the compensation plan at IsagenixBusiness.com, and stay up to date on the latest company news at IsaFYI.com. And, as always, use IsaMovie.com to share the Isagenix experience!