Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaire No. 146!

Never ask Ciji for directions.

Ciji Siddons-USEShe’ll notoriously confuse north with south and has the frequent inability to identify the general location of Utah, but when it came time to choose the direction she would take in life, well…she couldn’t figure that out either. The funny thing is, it may be her terrible sense of direction and fearlessness of getting lost that took her off the road most traveled and into her life of authentic happiness.

Like most of us, Ciji took the road most traveled. She did well and graduated from high school, then trucked right on and went to college, but that only lasted eight days. Ciji knew right away, “it just didn’t feel right.” She knew the typical route wasn’t for her so she chose not to choose a path at all.

Soon she was avoiding her bank account balance and was barely getting by as a bartender while attending Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She thought she found her calling, but it was soon apparent it just didn’t fit. She just couldn’t overcome the horrifying idea of committing her life to pursuing someone else’s dreams.

Follow Your Heart

Ciji doesn’t worry about any of that anymore. Instead she’s debating things like where to spend the month of February to avoid the winter months in New Jersey.

Three years ago, a friend of Ciji’s mentioned an opportunity to do something out of the box that could become an outlet for her passion and creativity. Curious, she reluctantly accepted an invitation to attend an Isagenix event. She openly admits when she heard so many success stories from people actually living their dreams, she still assumed they had something she didn’t. Then, something clicked. Ciji decided she absolutely could and would take control and actively choose her path. Forget GPS. She decided to follow her heart.

Today Ciji lives her dream. She has earned a master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science and with Isagenix she can now live her life on her own terms. She enjoys mid-week pedicures with friends because she’s her own boss. She’s overcome her shyness and personal disbelief and vaulted herself into earning a six-figure residual income.** And…she can sleep in every day as late as she wants.

But don’t think for a second all this success has gone to her head. What motivates Ciji is her daily mission to share the message she wished she heard when she was 18. She knows she has the right directions toward the path less traveled that she’s taken to her success, and as an ambassador for the START group (and in her everyday life) that’s exactly what she does.

She shares with confidence that, “it may be more comfortable to be a part of the masses but, it’s more fulfilling and more powerful to create a culture outside the norm.” She may not be a geographical expert, but she’s unstoppable when it comes to finding the right path.

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