A little more than a year ago, the Isagenix corporate leadership team began talking about a brand-new initiative that would transform the future of Isagenix. Spearheaded by Patty Raphael, senior vice president of sales and marketing operations, the Web Advisory Panel (WAP) was developed to help support the launch of our brand-new Isagenix.com. The team included a small diverse group of leaders who had complementary skill sets, had been with Isagenix for some time, and who were knowledgeable enough to speak on behalf of the field. Tyler Dickerhoof, Jill Bauman, Carmen Rumsey, Chris Harder, Danielle Thompson, and Nicole Stewart all contributed to our new Isagenix.com as part of our WAP.


“This group has donated their expertise and time to help Isagenix create a website that looks GREAT, is engaging, and easier to use,” said Patty. “I am so grateful to this group. Every leader worked so hard, ensuring that Isagenix created a website that Associates would be proud to show others.”

“It was such an honor to be included in this project,” said Jill.

The committee worked tirelessly to help ensure all functionality requirements were accounted for while managing to appeal to our more than 550,000 Customers.

On March 27, 2017, Isagenix rolled out the finished product, and it was welcomed with rave reviews.

“I love the look and feel of the new website, but it’s the functionality that really gets me excited,” said Carmen. “Potential Customers are much more likely to see content that is relevant to them.”

Some of the other incredible upgrades this team helped implement are:

  • Adding a search feature.
  • Simplified, interactive user experience.
  • Easier product ordering process.

“We simply wouldn’t settle,” said Danielle. “We all wanted to make sure the outcome would help the field grow their businesses and ultimately grow the company.”

“This is just a start,” added Tyler. “To know that we can continue to develop from the platform we now have is exciting. We can, and will, be the leader in the health and wellness space!”

To experience the full range of updates, visit Isagenix.com.