Isagenix is pleased to announce that we are one step closer to officially opening in Indonesia.

Although we are unable to ship products to Indonesia until the market opens for business, anyone in Indonesia interested in trying our products can sign up as an Associate with a valid Indonesian ID through our Hong Kong office and purchase products in order to become more familiar with our product line.  However, to be clear, products are not available for resale in Indonesia at this time.

Additionally, it is important for everyone to understand the process for accessing products in Indonesia. We will not be able to ship directly into Indonesia until the market opens for business. Thus, for the time being, Indonesia residents who want to try our products need to follow these steps:

  1. Enroll in Isagenix as an Associate in Hong Kong with a valid Indonesian ID.
  2. Place your initial product order through our Malaysia or Singapore catalogs, depending on which location is most convenient. Your initial order must be 300 PV or more.
  3. Pick up your products in the country from which you ordered them—Malaysia or Singapore.
  4. Subsequent orders may be placed through (and picked up from) our Hong KongMalaysia or Singapore offices.

Anyone who enrolls as an Associate in Hong Kong with initial sales or consumption of 300 PV or more will be eligible to earn “Crystal” bonuses and rank advancements. If they sign up for international sponsorship, they may conduct business in other markets where we are open for business. However, they are prohibited from conducting business in Indonesia until the market is officially open for business.

Thank you all for your continued commitment to Isagenix and for supporting each of our new markets by expanding your business reach across the globe right along with us. If you have questions about Isagenix in Indonesia, email us at