betterDeal-IsaFYI-600x400What if we can show you how redirecting your food spending could transform your health and save (and even make) you money down the road? Isagenix is more affordable than you might think.

When you purchase an Isagenix pak or system, you’re buying a large volume of high-quality meal replacements and more. Though it may seem expensive as a single purchase, when you think about the cost per meal, you’ll likely save money.

Value and Cost of Isagenix

Take for example, our most popular system: the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. The cost of the 30-Day System, plus 26 healthy, balanced meals is approximately $462 for a full month of food. The average American spends about $669 per month (based on information from the USDA) on groceries and eating out.

Not only will you be improving your overall health and wellness by using Isagenix products, you’ll save money too!

To get your best deal on ordering Isagenix, you’ll want to become a member rather than ordering as a retail customer. How does it work?

Join Isagenix as an Associate

For just $39 per year (only $29 if you’re on Autoship) you’ll enjoy wholesale prices and an easy online ordering system. In your Back Office you can place orders, track orders, and even set up Autoship orders for an additional product discount.

When you set up a monthly Autoship order, you can save two ways on your product order, with a total savings of up to 15 percent.

Help Others Start Isagenix and Get Your Products Paid For (and More)!

Once you’ve started seeing results with your Isagenix system, people will ask you about it! When you help others start their own Isagenix paks or systems, you could get your products paid for and earn additional income!

By signing up as an Isagenix Associate, you’ll have your own Isagenix website that makes it easy to share the Isagenix story and help people place orders. Getting your products paid for is as simple as following our “YOU+TWO, THEM+2” system. You can learn more about getting your products paid for, our income opportunity, and how to start an Isagenix business at

You can learn more about our Solutions to Transform Lives™ at If you’d like to place your first order or start an Isagenix business, contact the person who shared this with you. If you don’t know an Isagenix Associate, you can contact our Customer Care team at 1-877-877-8111 or