Isagenix is now offering a limited quantity of NSF Certified for Sport IsaLean Pro Shakes in Natural Vanilla in the U.S.


Isagenix recognizes that elite athletes have specific needs, so we’ve worked with NSF to offer targeted quantities of IsaLean Pro in Natural Vanilla that is certified for sport by NSF.

This batch of IsaLean Pro in Natural Vanilla is the same great product, but offers third-party certification from NSF.

Due to the cost of testing and specialty packaging, NSF Certified IsaLean Pro in Natural Vanilla will be sold a la carte only, in the U.S., for $52.95 (34 BV) per box, a $3 (0 BV) increase from the regular IsaLean Pro wholesale price.

This product is perfect for the professional or elite athlete whose organizations allow them to use only NSF Certified supplements. For everyone else, the regular IsaLean Pro has all of the same benefits.

NSF Certified IsaLean Pro in Natural Vanilla can be found in the New Member and Wholesale order catalogs found in your Associate Back Office in the “Energy & Performance Solutions” section under “Energy & Performance Individual Items.”

At this time, it will not appear in any print catalogs and will not be available for Autoship orders. Nor, will it appear for retail sale on Associate replicated websites. More information on this product is available on our new elite athlete website,

For the time being, we will be offering limited quantities of NSF Certified IsaLean Pro in Natural Vanilla. Due to the lead time required for NSF Certification (products are tested and certified by the batch) we will make every effort to maintain adequate inventory while we work to accurately forecast customer demand.

For more on NSF and the NSF Certified for Sport program, visit