The Value Behind an Isagenix Membership


Since wholesale warehouse clubs like Costco opened its doors in 1983, more and more families have been purchasing memberships and taking advantage of its cost-savings benefits. Isagenix offers a very similar membership with very similar cost-saving benefits!

For $29 the first year, and $19 every year thereafter, Associates can cash in on these perks courtesy of an Isagenix membership.

Perk No. 1 – Wholesale Pricing: As a member of Isagenix, you get the highest-quality products at the lowest possible price.

Take the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System for example. This cornerstone system is a favorite among members because it not only helps with weight management, but also helps to reallocate both your grocery money and dining-out dollars with more nutritionally complete food, costing less than $3 per meal.

Perk No. 2 – Autoship: Autoship is a convenient system that automatically ships the product of your choice every 30 days.

Associates on Autoship save an additional 5 percent to 15 percent compared to purchasing each item separately.

Perk No. 3 – Personalized Website: All Isagenix Associates receive their own customizable website as part of their yearly membership with the opportunity to participate in our referral-based compensation plan.

Perk No. 4 – Health Insurance: Healthcare is expensive. As a member of Isagenix, you have access to a reduced rate provided by our partners, National Association of Workplace Programs (NAWP) and Transtar Insurance Brokers, Inc. (U.S. only).

Perk No. 5 – IsaBody Challenge: FREE to join, the IsaBody Challenge® is designed to help you transform your body and your life all while having fun competing for over $200,000 in prizes, which includes $25,000 cash for the Grand Prize Winner.

Ready to have your best body? Contact the Isagenix Associate who shared this with you or, if you don’t know anyone, contact Isagenix Customer Care at 1-877-877-8111 or

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