Isagenix Challenges You…

…to transform your life with the IsaBody Challenge!

What if 16 weeks from now you could be happier, healthier and in better shape than today? What if at the end of those 16 weeks, you received $200 worth of FREE products, a FREE t-shirt, an entry into an exotic cruise drawing and the chance to compete for a grand prize package that includes $25,000 cash? Do we have your attention yet?

Join the IsaBody Challenge ® and the thousands of Associates who, like you, are ordinary individuals in search of a better life. Cash in on a healthier, happier you today!

These Associates did!

“My first goal was to get my products paid for, which I did in my first few weeks.”
“Back then, I really thought I was in the best shape of my life.”
“I said ‘no’ for the first few months. I just couldn’t open up to it.”
“I am full of energy, feeling good and ready to go.”
“I was determined to push these products to the limit and test them on myself.”
“Internally, I felt confident, but externally, I held back and was unsure of my actions, second guessing myself all the time.”
“I still remember my first month and losing 23 pounds. That was an incredible milestone.”
“I was always active but kept gaining weight.”
“I would turn to food for comfort. The more I ate, the more I gained. The more I gained, the more I tried to shed the weight.”
“My goal was to be one of the first contestants to actually put on weight and to also prove that this system was not a ‘diet,’ but a true heath and wellness program that will do what you desire.”
“Just getting out of bed and doing basic life activities exhausted me. My family feared I was heading for a heart attack.”
“I was obese. I hold a master’s degree in health and human performance, but I couldn’t take my own health seriously.”
“You don’t appreciate good health until it’s gone.”
“Every day became a carbon copy of the one before it. I had no motivation.”
“My weight yo-yoed, up, then down, then up again. I was all over the map.”

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