IsaDerby™ is back! The race is on to win a trip to the beautiful Riviera Maya.


IsaDerby-IsaFYI-510x510pxThis year, we’re awarding trips to:

  • All members of the Top 10 point-earning teams.*
  • The Top 15 individual point earners in the START group (who are not already on a winning team).
  • The Top 5 point earners in the START group from Australia and New Zealand (who must register and participate individually).

Full details on how to register and win are available in the contest rules.

What is IsaDerby?

IsaDerby is a fun competition where each team of up to six Isagenix Associates earns points for activities that transform lives and build their business. And, this year, we’re adding extra prizes along the way that anyone can win—even if you don’t win the trip at the end!

For more details on what IsaDerby is, how to build your team, and more, check out IsaDerby 101: The Basics Behind One of Our Most Exciting Contests.

Rules of the Race for IsaDerby Riviera Maya?

IsaDerby Riviera Maya is open to Associates in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.**

Building & Registering Your Team

To take part in IsaDerby Riviera Maya, get five dynamic business builders on board, plus yourself, and create a winning team (for a total of six team members). Only two members per team can hold the rank of Director or higher, the rest of the team members must be active Associates, Consultants, or Managers at the time of registration. Once you’ve formed your team, and selected a team name and team leader, the team leader should register the entire team by collecting the Associate member ID numbers of each person and logging in to their Associate Back Office. Upon logging in, the team leader should click the “Contests & Promotions” tab and choose “IsaDerby.” From there, they can input their team’s information. It’s that easy! Registration closes September 20, 2015 at midnight ET.

Contest Time Frame

IsaDerby Riviera Maya runs from August 16, 2015 to November 29, 2015. That means that points will be accumulated for activities taking place during that time period.

How to Earn Points

You, and your teammates, earn points for basic business building activities like helping new members share Isagenix products and solutions, helping people start (or complete) an IsaBody Challenge®, helping your team members advance in rank, and more. Check out the point structure for IsaDerby Riviera Maya.

Category: New Members

1 Point
Earn 1 point for each month in the contest that your new personal member has an Autoship order of at least 100 BV.
New personal member must join during the contest period. (Max 5 points with 100 BV.)
2 Points
Have a new personal member join on Autoship, and at the time of joining, place an order of 100-149 BV.
3 Points
Have a new personal member join on Autoship, and at the time of joining, place an order of 150-249 BV.
4 Points
Have a new personal member join on Autoship, and at the time of joining, place an order of 250+ BV.

Category: Rank Advancements

5 Points
Become/develop a new personally registered Consultant.
7 Points
Become/develop a new personally registered Manager or Crystal Manager.
10 Points
Become/develop a new personally registered Director or Crystal Director.
15 Points
Become/develop a new personally registered Executive, Crystal Executive, or any level-Star Golden Circle/Platinum status.

Category: IsaBody™

1 Point
You or your personally registered Autoship Associate sign up for the IsaBody Challenge. (Max 1 point per enrollment.)
5 Points
You personally enroll in the IsaBody Challenge and complete your Challenge. (Max 5 points in this category; points will be updated at the end of the contest period. For full details, see contest rules.)

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*Each individual on a winning team must achieve a minimum of 80 points to earn the trip.
Teams must be formed from Associates who reside in the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico. START members who reside in Australia and New Zealand may participate as individuals only for a chance to win one of five individual prizes. See contest flyer for full details