The Top 10 IsaDerby teams with the most cumulative points have won 4 nights in St.Thomas, including airfare and hotel accommodations. (A prize valued at $6,000 per couple!)

 The 10 Winning  IsaDerby Teams

10. Isagirls Coast to Coast

9. NJIsaWarriors

8.  Team EZ

7. Not-so-Virgin Island

6. Team WOW

5. Harry, I took care of it!

4. ISAY we are WINNERS

3. 5280 to St. Thomas

2. Team Beastmode

1. Dream Team Repeat!

In addition, 20 individual members of the START group have won a spot on IsaDerby St. Thomas—15 individual members from North America and five individual members from Australia/New Zealand.

Top 15 North American IsaDerby START Winners

15. Bryan W.

14. Laura K.

13. Audrye M.

12. Corey and Carrie R.

11. Amelia M.

10. Jamie L. and Matt C.

9. Amy Su.

8. Kayla J.

7. Joanna C.

6. Natasha H & Matthew R.

5. Samantha L.

4. Scott A.

3. Renee S.

2. Cara M.

1.Amy Sh.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in Isaderby St. Thomas!

*To be eligible for the grand prize each individual in a team must earn a minimum of 120 points in IsaDerby St. Thomas.