Ice hockey. Maple syrup. These are just a few of the things that probably come to mind when you think of Canada. However, now at Isagenix, we can add another item to that list – the Canadian IsaBody Challenge®!

Yup, you read that right. The second-largest country in the world now has its own IsaBody Challenge separate from the United States. This means that Customers from Canada can strive to become their own country’s IsaBody Honorable Mention, Finalist, or Grand Prize Winner!

Up until now, if you lived in Canada and enrolled in the IsaBody Challenge, you were grouped in with participants in the United States. That’s not the case anymore! Canucks can take the Challenge with their fellow Canadians, giving them the chance to start, complete, and repeat, again and again. In fact, if you’re a Canadian who registered after Feb. 28, you’re already set to compete in the first-ever Canada IsaBody Challenge!

Here’s How It Works

Before you start singing O’ Canada in anticipation, there are some details we want to share with you. The dates and deadlines for joining and competing are the same as always, and the final North American Grand Prize Winner will be announced at Global Celebration 2018. For 2018 Judging Period 3 only (formerly the New Year Kick Off Judging Period), we will be selecting 12 Canadian Finalists, 12 Canadian Honorable Mentions, 15 U.S. Finalists, and 15 U.S. Honorable Mentions.

The 2018 Judging Period 3 Canadian Finalists will compete to become the first-ever Canadian Grand Prize Winner, which will be announced at Canada Celebration 2019. Following 2018 Judging Period 3, we will be selecting four Canadian Finalists and four Canadian Honorable Mentions per Judging Period.

The 2018 Judging Period 3 U.S. Finalists will compete to become the first-ever U.S. Grand Prize Winner, which will be announced at NYKO 2019. Following 2018 Judging Period 3, we will select five U.S. Finalists and 10 U.S. Honorable Mentions per Judging Period.

Another noticeable change that will affect IsaBody participants involves the IsaBody Challenge Facebook group. With the transition of the Challenge to Canada, Canadian participants will be removed from the current IsaBody Facebook group and will be sent a link to join the new Canadian IsaBody Challenge Facebook group. While the content shared in the U.S. and the Canada Facebook groups will be similar, certain details and prize offerings about the overall program will differ, so we want to avoid any confusion by communicating the correct information to the correct audience.

When in Doubt, Just Ask!

We know you probably have other questions about these exciting changes to one of the largest programs at Isagenix. If you reside in Canada, email your questions to our Canada IsaBody Team at If you reside in the U.S., you can continue to direct your questions to And as always, check out our frequently asked questions and for all the Challenge info, prize details, and more.