Congratulations to the Top 5 Top Achievers IsaBody Challenge® Finalists!

All five of our finalists have completed multiple 16-week Challenges to transform their bodies and their lives! They are walking proof that you truly can physically achieve what you set your mind to.

In addition to being in the best shape of their lives, they each received $3,000 cash, free registration, and paid expenses for themselves and a guest to 2015 Top Achievers, 2015 Celebration for the selection of the Grand Prize Winner, and the 2015 IsaBody Challenge Transformation Cruise.**

15-9003-F-IBF-B&A-Jesse-JJesse J.

Lost 29 pounds* and completed 2 IsaBody Challenges!

The stress of trying to be a great husband, a father to three small children, running a farm, and being a Fire Chief and Police Chief all at the same time finally caught up with Jesse.

“The goal of my first Challenge was to get my life and health back,” he recalls. For his second Challenge he says he had the momentum of family and friends cheering him on and didn’t want it to end. “My wife and I decided to compete in our first physique competition together in April of 2015,” says Jesse.

“Every day I look forward to what tomorrow will bring. More importantly, I continue to advance in mental health and confidence to be the happy husband my wife deserves, energetic father my kids need, and friend and coach to many looking for the same.”

15-9003-F-IBF-B&A-Angela-FAngela F.

South Carolina
Lost 45 pounds* and completed 4 IsaBody Challenges!

As a hairdresser for over 30 years, Angela is no stranger to helping women look beautiful on the outside. Isagenix, she says, allows her “to help them be beautiful from the inside out and create a financial legacy for years to come.” Angela earned an honorable mention in the 2015 New Year Kick Off IsaBody Challenge and has continued her transformation even further since!

“The IsaBody Challenge has created a paradigm shift in how I see myself and others. I am embracing the growth that comes with challenging myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially to live the Isagenix lifestyle. Thank you Isagenix for helping me to welcome the RIGHT SIDE OF 50! Game on!”

15-9003-F-IBF-B&A-John-MJohn M.

Lost 29 pounds* and completed 4 IsaBody Challenges!

After earning an honorable mention in a previous Challenge, John has continued his transformation and become an IsaBody Finalist! A railroad conductor and professional freelance drummer, John was active but overweight, tired, and sluggish. “It was an effort to maintain the activities that I wanted to do.” After completing his second Challenge, focusing on nutrition because of an injury, John attended Celebration and got inspired to start building a business. “In 2015, at age 60, I will be in the best shape ever and retiring from the railroad. I plan on working with Isagenix full time.”

15-9003-F-IBF-B&A-Ellen-CEllen C.

Lost 103 pounds* and completed 2 IsaBody Challenges!

Ellen has a lot to celebrate after two IsaBody Challenges. Her highlight reel includes:

  • being able to ride rollercoasters again
  • joining the 100-Pound Club
  • her daughter’s arms fitting around her for a hug
  • running her first ever 5K
  • climbing the stairs with ease
  • turning 40 gracefully
  • inspiring dozens to start their own IsaJourney

“My first Challenge changed my body. This second one has changed my mind. The next one will change my life!”

15-9003-F-IBF-B&A-Natalie-HNatalie H.

Lost 46 pounds* and completed 2 IsaBody Challenges!

A former competitive athlete, Natalie started using Isagenix products to lose weight. “I was overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin. I wanted to be the best mom I could and play with my son, as well as be a loving, supportive wife, and I felt like I was failing in all areas,” says Natalie. She wanted to have another child, but she and her husband realized they just couldn’t afford it. “I knew that I needed to take control of what I could, so I started sharing.  I started telling everyone about these amazing products and how they were changing my life.  Now eight months later, we CAN AFFORD to have another child!!  It’s one of the most incredible feelings to set your mind to something and accomplish it.  Isagenix has assisted me in doing that with my physical transformation and with my finances.”

Who Will Become the 2015 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner?

Stay tuned to to find out. The 2015 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner will receive $25,000 cash, a bevy of paid trips to upcoming Isagenix events, personal one-on-one training, and more!**

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*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 7 pounds (3.2 kg) during the first nine days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise is required in order to achieve long-term weight loss.

**Paid expenses include accommodations, airfare, and ground transportation.