immune system defenses

As you enjoy the cooler weather this time of year, you might also be running for tissues more than you realize. But you can nourish your body’s immune system defenses to help fight against foreign invaders.

“Your body is a complex network of cells designed to protect outside invaders from attacking your immune system,” says Isagenix Manager of Research Science Dr. Eric Gumpricht, Ph.D.

The immune system is the body’s first line of defense. Stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep can easily compromise the immune system making it more susceptible.

Isamune® With Zinc is a scientifically advanced formula that delivers compounds that nourish your immune system in a convenient way. The spray easily fits today’s busy, fast-paced lifestyle and is ideal for the whole family. With only five sprays a day, this kid-friendly, kosher, and gluten-free option is one that works for all lifestyles.

So just how does the formula work?


Consider this mineral your best friend. Zinc functions as an antioxidant and is involved in many critical biochemical reactions. It also plays a major role in enzyme function. This catalyst of enzymes regulates cell growth, DNA and protein synthesis, energy metabolism, and is key in supporting the production of cells in the body’s immune system.


This flowering plant is from the daisy family. Its roots and leaves contain qualities traditionally used to support against seasonal discomforts.

Reishi Mushrooms

Often used as a powder in traditional Chinese medicine, this mushroom is clinically studied for its immune-balancing properties and overall health benefits. Reishi also has a reputation for increased youthful vigor and vitality.

Bilberry and Blueberry

These antioxidant-packed berries guard against free radicals to protect the immune system.


Bovine colostrum is the first milk produced by a cow after giving birth and has a distinct composition providing a range of immune-protecting substances such as proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), immunoglobulins, and lactoferrin. PRPs are immune system “building blocks” that assist in fighting against foreign invaders. Just as colostrum provides immediate transfer of immunity support for newborns, supplementation with it has also shown to strengthen the immune system in humans.

“We take Isamune With Zinc with us when we travel to help our immune systems deal with the impurities we encounter. It boosts our confidence that our bodies will be strong and stay healthy,” says Isagenix Associate Deb from New York.

With Isamune® With Zinc added to your Autoship, your immune system will be ready for seasonal invaders.