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Friday, March 11: Due to an overwhelming response, we have unfortunately sold out of inventory in the U.S. and Canada.

...Then You’ll Love Our Seasonal IsaLean Shake! 

Spring is upon us, and so is the most delicious shake of the season! With a balanced blend of pineapple and coconut, this creamy, tropical Piña Colada IsaLean® Shake is a perfect 240-calorie meal replacement to enjoy this spring.

Piña Colada IsaLean Shake is a new seasonal flavor, available NOW for a limited time. Get yours today!

Piña Colada IsaLean Shake is only available in the U.S. and Canada for wholesale, individual purchases in your Back Office. Because of the limited availability, it will not be available for Autoship nor will it be available as part of an Isagenix System or Pak. Each canister is US$39.95/27 BV and CA$44.95/27 BV. To allow as many customers as possible the opportunity to enjoy Piña Colada IsaLean Shake, there is a maximum of 10 canisters per order.

To place an individual wholesale order, log in to your Back Office and select the green “Place Order” button. Next, select “Continue with Wholesale Order.” Our limited-time, seasonal Piña Colada IsaLean Shake is located under the “New Products” tab.

Don’t miss out on this seasonal tropical treat! Visit your Back Office to purchase yours today!