Replenish-600x400px-for-social-mediaFall off the healthy eating and exercise wagon? A great way to get back on track is to focus on one of the most overlooked tools for getting back into shape—proper hydration.

Maintaining hydration fuels good health and is vital for helping to keep people physically and mentally fit. This is especially important throughout the year. Millions of Americans are constantly kick-starting new workout regimens or resuming familiar fitness routines. Focusing on drinking water or sports drinks before, during, and after exercise is vital to helping achieve optimal results.

For everyday activity, water is generally considered the best way to replace lost fluids. But for powering through workouts lasting more than 60 minutes or doing activity in the heat, nutritious sports drinks are an effective option.

“For vigorous activity, sports drinks keep you naturally hydrated while replenishing nutrients and electrolytes that get lost during exercise,” said registered dietitian and nutritional counselor, Kelli Shallal, MPH, RD. “They also aid in performance and recovery, which in turn helps keep folks focused on their 2015 health goals.”

So when it comes to activity and health, how much does someone need to drink to stay hydrated?

The American Council on Exercise recommends drinking eight ounces of water or a sports drink during warm-up. Also recommended is making sure to have seven to 10 ounces of fluids every 10 to 20 minutes during an exercise routine. Lastly, drink an additional eight ounces within 30 minutes of completing a workout.

“Appropriate hydration is extremely important to recovery, particularly when exercise is intense or long,” said Shallal.

“The best sports drinks help to naturally rehydrate and energize the body. They are an ideal solution for athletes since they deliver the carbs needed to perform at peak levels. They are also a flavorful way to help everyone quench their thirst.”

Hydrating TipsThere are many different types of sports drinks on the market. One of the newest options is Replenish™ sports drink from Isagenix, which comes in Juicy Orange, Lemon Lime, and Refreshing Grape. This natural sports drink is enhanced with electrolytes and enriched with vitamins C and B complex—the eight B vitamins that play a vital role in keeping bodies running like well-oiled machines. It helps people stay hydrated during workouts while also providing fuel for muscles to help sustain physical activity and maintain balance for healthy cellular activity.

Whether through a well-developed sports drink or good old-fashioned water, hydration plays a pivotal role in helping people stay or get back into shape for a healthy year. Combined with regular exercise and a good diet, drinking the right amount and type of fluids is essential to good health.