How to Run the Perfect Isagenix Event

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run the perfect Isagenix® event?

We went directly to the pros to find out! From pre-event planning to on-site preparation, our Events Team keeps it simple by utilizing the right tools to create one-of-a-kind events.

And, now you have the tools to do the same! The next time it’s your turn to host a seamless, Associate-run event like a Super Saturday, home party or opportunity presentation, log in to your Back Office “Resources” tab, locate the “Library” section and select “Events and Event Hosting.”

There you will find:

  • Event Checklists
  • Name Tag Templates
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Sample Agendas
  • Registration lists
  • And more!

For more events-related information, visit’s “Events” page.