IsaFYI_NYResolution_SMImage_960x960We’ve all been there before: you promised yourself as the countdown rang that next year you would be thinner, faster, leaner or richer. How often, though, have you followed through and achieved those goals?

In 2014, Isagenix® wants to help you succeed with your goals, so we’ve got the skinny on the resources you need to follow through on your resolutions.

Resolution: Find Financial Freedom

Who among us wouldn’t like to be more financially secure? Isagenix offers the opportunity of a lifetime: own your own business with low overhead and no employees. Work your business on your schedule and create residual wealth. What could be better?

To learn more about the business, start with this video and learn about the compensation plan here. Also check out for free online tools to help you build your business.

Resolution: Release Unwanted Weight

Whether you have a little to lose, or a lot, you’ll need a program that you can use long term. The Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System with IsaLean® Pro Shake is our most popular starter pak that helps you shed unwanted fat and build lean muscle. Get inspired by reading these success stories and join the IsaBody Challenge® to help you find the support and encouragement you need to reach your goals and transform your life.

Resolution: Improve Athletic Performance

Athletes across the world are turning to Isagenix to help them reach their peak performance. Why shouldn’t you use the same high-quality, no-compromise products that are helping them achieve greatness? Watch this video to learn more about why elite athletes are choosing Isagenix. Learn more by reading about nutrient timing with Isagenix for athletes from