It’s hard to believe Isagenix® Associates have been Sharing the Shot for almost a year! Don’t be fooled by the little, 2-ounce bottle though – it provides a quick boost of energy and protection against fatigue, without the jittery feeling or crash you get from other energy drinks on the market! Why is e+ so popular? Because it’s natural energy with powerful results that you can use for just about anything!

Before a Great Workout, e+ is There!

e+ energy shots for Working Out

e+ energy shots help you get off the ground!

e+ energy shots for Weight Training

e+ energy shots help you maximize your reps!

Before the Big Game, e+ is There!

Jerry Hairston Jr uses e+ energy shots

Jerry Hairston, Jr. uses e+ energy shots before every game!

e+ energy shots for Roller Derby

Rock the roller derby with e+ energy shots!

When Your Job ISN’T a Desk Job, e+ is There!

e+ energy shots for Firefighting

Firefighters love e+ energy shots!

e+ energy shots for Search and Rescue

Search & rescue pilots love e+ energy shots, too!

When Your Kids Might Out-jump You, e+ is there!

e+ energy shots for Parenting

e+ energy shots help them keep up with the kids!

And, Whenever You Have a Big Event, e+ is There!

e+ energy shots for Proposing

She definitely said “yes” to the e+ energy shot!

Who DOESN’T love e+? Keep sharing the shot; there’s no wrong person to share it with! And keep sharing your results with us at, or with the hashtag #sharetheshot!