The numbers speak for themselves! Thousands of Isagenix Associates are cashing in their Holiday Bonus Pool checks and spreading holiday cheer.

Their incredible accomplishments did not happen overnight or without hard work. In fact, it took more than 12 months of actively growing their business, maintaining the rank of Manager or above and bringing the gift of Isagenix into the lives of three new Associates each quarter.

Please join us in congratulating all on a job well done!

Here’s how a few Associates are planning on spending their earnings this season:

“This year’s Holiday Bonus is giving me the ability to give back to my team! I will be hosting a Christmas party with about 80 of my teammates so that we can all celebrate this year’s success together and get ready for 2015!” – LeeAnne H.

“We are spending our Holiday Bonus on a needy family in Denver to help them have a blessed Christmas.” – Cheryl M.

“My holiday bonus will allow me to purchase airline tickets for my parents to spend the Christmas holiday with us!” – Wendy B.

“Not only will it cover all of the gifts this year for Christmas, but it will also allow us to be able to provide for another family’s Christmas. They have not expressed interest in seeking help but are struggling financially, so we are going to surprise them by placing the gifts at their door and running! I love being able to give back!” – Tabaitha K.

The holiday cheer doesn’t stop there! The Holiday Bonus Pool promotion will be back in 2015 and better than ever. Isagenix Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover have added another $4 million to the front end of the compensation plan and will pay out four times next year instead of one!

Check out this article for updates taking place in 2015.