holidayBonusPool-IsaFYI-500x500Congratulations to all of the Associates who saw a boost in their bank account this month thanks to our Holiday Bonus Pool! Isagenix paid out a staggering $4 million in Holiday Bonus Pool money this year.

What will you do with your holiday bonus?

Aileen and Jerry in Arizona say, “We will use the bonus money to re-invest back into our business, personal improvement, and training! Half will be used to celebrate the team of friends who joined us in Isagenix this year at a party hosted in our home! The other half will cover our New Year Kick Off expenses! We are pretty excited to spend and share this check!”

The 2016 Holiday Bonus Pool is Active NOW

If you missed out on this great bonus pool, you can start earning shares in the 2016 Holiday Bonus Pool RIGHT NOW! Everything you need to know is right here.

How will you use YOUR bonus? Share your story with us.