Millionaire No. 118

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Cloudy and unfocused. That’s how Shelley felt in 2007. Formerly a nurse, this stay-at-home mom was maxed out tending to five daughters while helping her husband, Tom, who worked from home as a chiropractor.

One day, one of Tom’s clients, Dr. Rick, shared Isagenix with them.

Lifting the Cloud

After reading everything about Isagenix and listening to Dr. Rick’s explanation, Shelley thought it all sounded good but she was concerned about taste.

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“My husband’s very healthy,” she says. “He has brought home different bars and shakes over the years, but I could never stay on them.”

Once Dr. Rick assured her the products tasted good, she was still not convinced, but finally decided to try a 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

At that same time, Dr. Rick asked her if she was interested in the business, but she was considering going back to her career in nursing and returning to school. And she was hesitant of the idea of working for a network marketing company.

“By the fifth day I felt like I had been reborn,” Shelley remarks. “The cloud had lifted. I felt like a million bucks.’”

She was so happy with her increased energy that she considered losing weight and inches an added bonus.

A Change of Mind. A Change of Heart.

Instantly, she called Dr. Rick to tell him she changed her mind about the business.

“I know I told you I didn’t want to do the business, but I have to share this with everyone I know,” she told him. “I want them to feel what I’m feeling.”

Her business took off from there.

In the beginning, her husband held a conference call with her for chiropractors. If they were interested, Shelley would move them forward.

Originally, her goals were to contribute more to her family financially. Now, she enjoys more family vacations and more time together.

Defining the Standard

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Today, Shelley is helping her daughters get into the business and discussing whether Tom would like to be more involved. Her sincerity and belief in the products has helped her business explode. She sums up network marketing in three words: buying, using and sharing.

“If you’re a hockey player and you like this one hockey stick, you brag about it to everybody,” says Shelley. “I say, ‘It’s no different than that, except this way you can financially support your family.’”

To this day, this 5-Star Golden Circle, 1-Star Executive has overcome objections to find success and become an Isagenix Millionaire.

“Not only are the products top-of-the-line and easy to use, but the integrity of the company is huge,” shares Shelley. “Isagenix stands by their products and by the people that work for them. The business model is the best I’ve ever seen.”

With her family by her side, she is on a mission to help other people and families be financially free and healthy for the rest of their lives.

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