Guess what, Canada? You’re a big deal. Due to growing success in the Canadian market, with huge advancements from top Canadian leaders revolutionizing this business, we’ve decided it’s time for a celebration – Canada Celebration 2018.

What is Canada Celebration?

The first-ever Canada Celebration is coming to Vancouver April 5-7, 2018. Originally, our annual Red and White Unite event was scheduled to take the stage during that time, but with the high demand for a more customized event for the Canadian market, coupled with tremendous growth, we are no longer hosting Red and White Unite events. Instead we’re replacing it with an even bigger and better event – Canada Celebration.

What to Expect 

Our first-ever Canada Celebration will feature:

  • Training by top Canadian leaders specific to the Canadian market
  • A glittering after-party* to end the event with a huge burst of energy. This is your chance to relish in the vibrant atmosphere of an Isagenix event and share laughs with your fellow Canadian Associates.
  • Product and tool updates to help you refine your selling and retention strategies.
  • Product promotions
  • Endless networking opportunities

Is Canada Celebration the same as other Isagenix events like Global Celebration, NYKO, or Red and White Unite?

No! Canada Celebration is replacing the Red White Unite event and offering more training, more networking, and more product updates. Canada Celebration is unlike Global Celebration and NYKO because the content is specific to Canada. Training segments are specifically tailored to challenges that are unique to the Canadian market.

What if I already bought a ticket to the Red and White Unite event?

Already bought your ticket to Red and White Unite? Don’t worry! The dates are the same, and your ticket is valid for Canada Celebration. Just think of it as a giant upgrade!

Get Recognized at Canada Celebration 2018!

This event could be your chance to bask in the limelight of being on stage—check out ways you can get recognized at Celebration.

If you’re looking to improve your business, learn more about our no-compromise products, advance your rank, meet like-minded people, and have a great time, Canada Celebration is the answer.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the first-ever Canada Celebration! Buy your tickets today.

See you in Vancouver!

*After-party ticket is required to attend. Tickets for the after-party are not currently on sale. They will be available in your Back Office in coming weeks.