As one of the top competitors in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events, Jessica Eye is no stranger to fighting for what she wants. The 28-year-old is currently ranked the No. 8 pound-for-pound female fighter in the world. But Jessica’s journey hasn’t been easy.


At age 16, a drunk driver struck her and her father while they were walking on the side of the road. Jessica suffered a broken back and was bedridden for three months.

She refused to let these injuries define the rest of her life.

In the Ring

“I found my purpose in the world was being involved in fitness and being a role model for better living,” she shares.

When she was 19, Jessica was invited to join Strong Style gym, where she discovered MMA and began training for competitive events. She worked out constantly and focused heavily on getting the proper nutrition.

Jessica’s drive led her to uncover her passion, with the ultimate goal fighting professionally in the UFC.

Despite her ongoing efforts to keep her body in peak condition for fights, Jessica suffered a devastating split-decision loss in February 2014. Had she won this fight, she would have had a shot at a pro title.

“I felt like I had done everything,” she remembers. “I had dieted right. I trained right. What else could I have done?”

Jessica knew she needed to make some kind of change. She turned to Isagenix.

Photo Sep 21, 4 39 35 AMNutrition that Works

Jessica remembered a supply of Isagenix products she had been given months before but had yet to try. Dr. Paul Biondich, now Jessica’s key nutritionist, had been trying to encourage Jessica to try the products but she was reluctant to use them.

“Maybe I wasn’t ready to work with someone at such a high stature and who knew so much,” admits Jessica. “Once I started using the products, they changed my entire mindset.”

With Dr. Biondich’s support, Jessica had finally decided to try Isagenix. Now, she recognizes the positive impact that has had on her health and mindset.

“I didn’t really understand how amazing the product was,” recalls Jessica. “I was just sitting on a gold mine of amazing products and nutrition.”

Making weight is a top priority for MMA fighters. Since joining Isagenix in 2014, Jessica’s body has changed for the better. By building additional lean muscle, she has moved up a weight class, which in turn has helped her perform to her fullest. Even her training has improved, as has her overall nutrition.

“I started losing inches. I started feeling stronger. That’s when I realized I hadn’t changed anything other than just adding the Isagenix program into my life,” says Jessica.

With an intense workout regimen, Jessica must constantly power her body. She began with IsaPro®, IsaLean® Pro and Ionix® Supreme and has recently been introducing e+™, Cleanse for Life® and other products to further improve her performance.

“If I can’t cook my meals, I can have an IsaLean Shake or eat one of the bars and still feel like I’m getting the same nutritional value, if not more,” Jessica explains.


Photo Sep 21, 5 38 25 AMFighting for Isagenix

Less than a year ago, Jessica had been hesitant to try Isagenix. Today, she can’t imagine a day without it.

“It made me a better athlete,” she says. “I make sure everything I’m doing is on the right track and Isagenix has helped. It keeps me going.”

With the right nutrition, Jessica continues training for her upcoming UFC fight. She believes she has already won so much and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

“Even if you have been discouraged or even if you tried other things that didn’t work, please have an open mind and give this product a chance because it’s not just a supplement,” exclaims Jessica. “It’s a superfood that is going to make your life better.”