If you’re looking for a great way to share Isagenix solutions, products, or science, you may have previously used tools related to our “Opportunity Meeting.” We’re excited to share with you a new suite of tools that don’t just replace the Opportunity Meeting tools; they take them to a whole new level. Meet our new line of Experience Isagenix tools!

Experience Isagenix tools are designed to share with potential new members who are interested in learning about Isagenix. See and share how Isagenix helps people around the globe transform lives and how you can use Isagenix to achieve your goals.

Experience Isagenix Digital Flyer

experience-isagenix-infographic-selectionThis tool shares the Isagenix experience in eight segments. It also includes helpful, clickable links that connect you to additional resources like videos, websites, and PDF sheets with additional information about that topic. You can download this PDF at IsagenixBusiness.com or purchase a printed, tear pad version at IsaSalesTools.com.

Experience Isagenix Event Presentation

experience-isagenix-PPTIf you would like to present Isagenix in a more formal setting, like a Launch Party or Super Saturday event, the Experience Isagenix Event Presentation is the perfect tool for you! It includes the same key points as the Experience Isagenix sheet but in presentation form. This is a great tool for someone who is more familiar with the Isagenix solutions, products, and business model.

Download it at IsagenixBusiness.com, and you’ll have the perfect PowerPoint presentation to support your meeting’s message.

Experience Isagenix with Kathy & Erik Coover

experience-isagenix-meeting-screenshotWatch Isagenix Co-Founder Kathy Coover team up with Vice President of Global Field Development Erik Coover to do a live Experience Isagenix presentation. This video is a great way to prepare for your own presentation. You can also share it with anyone who is seriously interested in Isagenix, but is unable to attend a Launch Party or Super Saturday event.

Coming Soon: Experience Isagenix Flip Chart

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Experience Isagenix Flip Chart. Due to debut at our 2015 Celebration, this tool will allow you to take your Experience Isagenix Presentations anywhere! What’s really great about this tool? You don’t have to be an expert in public speaking or an expert on Isagenix to be successful. We have everything you need to guide you in a conversational presentation with someone new. Don’t have a place to show a PowerPoint? Simply purchase a flip chart from IsaSalesTools.com and you’ll be able to share the Isagenix experience anytime, anywhere.

For all the latest business building tools, training, and tips, visit IsagenixBusiness.com.