At Top Achievers, an elite business training event, we unveiled our first digital tool: the Experience Isagenix flyer!

us-en-why-isagenix-infographicAvailable on, this tool shares the Isagenix experience in eight segments. It also includes helpful, clickable links that connect you to additional resources. This flyer is the perfect companion to our Experience Isagenix presentation (which you might remember as our Opportunity Meeting), which you can view at by choosing “Training” and “Experience Isagenix Event Presentation.”

We recommend that you download the PDF to your computer or tablet for the best viewing—and sharing—experience. Remember, to use the links, you’ll want to be connected to the Internet when you share it.

To add these tools to your business toolkit, visit, select “Tools” then “Flyers and PDFs” to access the “Experience Isagenix Tool.”

This tool is also available as a tear pad, so you can take it (and leave it) anywhere, anytime! The tear pad version is available for you to purchase now at

Listen to our podcast with Isagenix Coordinator of Audio Education Kjersti Cote and Lynn Hagedorn to learn more about how to use this new tool.


And, for a limited time only, is offering free shipping on purchases of $50 or more that include your Experience Isagenix tear pad. Take advantage of this now as this promotion will only last until July 15, 2015.