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Every culture is different with its rich traditions, but fundamentally, we are people looking for the same solutions: to live a bountiful life filled with health, wealth, and time freedom.

This is what Isagenix is all about.

Growing your team on an international level is a smart move, so we’ve made it easier than ever to connect with other people across the globe to grow your Isagenix business.

How to Start Your International Business

1. Get an international sponsorship.

For just US$49 a year, you can build in all regions and accumulate volume from your international teams.

2.  Study the market.

When building internationally, you’ll follow very similar steps to those you use to build locally. We have promotions and paks tailored to each market. The Isagenix compensation plan provides opportunities for Associates at every level to seamlessly extend their sales organizations around the world.

3. Use your Isagenix tools.

From to, you’ll find flyers, videos, and articles on building your business internationally by starting locally. Plus, is now officially available in all countries and designed to make connecting with those in international markets easier than ever. We’re making sure that you have the tools to take your Isagenix business to the next level, so you can grow your team internationally.

4. Start local.

Here are two ways to build global, by starting local. (Travel is not required!)

  • Find people who already have established connections in other regions. Think of anyone you know who travels internationally or speaks another language.
  • Use social media as a bridge to global markets. Join online groups with similar interests around travel, international foods, languages, etc. Stay connected internationally using popular social media apps.

For more in-depth information, please visit, and be sure to print and share the Build Local, Grow Global flyer.

Many of the tools you have used to build your team in North America, Australia, and New Zealand are now available worldwide.

Explore ways to “Build Local, Grow Global,” and discover things you never knew about our international markets on makes it easier than ever to find information on all of the markets where you can have an Isagenix business. Learn about currency, cultures, the needs of the different markets, available products, and much more! You can chart your map to success with the tools and resources available there. Together we can have an impact on the world by sharing Isagenix globally!