Isagenix is all about rewarding the most loyal Customers, and the Lifestyle Rewards program (formerly known as Autoship) is yet another way we do just that! Make sure you’re taking advantage of the many savings and benefits this loyalty program has to offer.

Save Up to 15 Percent on Packs and Systems

Depending on your product order, you may qualify to save up to 15 percent off wholesale pricing when you sign up on Lifestyle Rewards with one of the qualifying systems or packs below. All Preferred Customers and Associates are eligible — all you need is an Isagenix membership!

Save Up to 25 Percent on Retail Purchases

Just like wholesale orders, Preferred Customers and Customers can also save on retail orders. Preferred Customers who decide to purchase product can save up to 25 percent off retail pricing simply by ordering with Lifestyle Rewards. Customers who are on Lifestyle Rewards but opt to purchase product at the retail level can receive up to 10 percent off.

Retail purchases are made directly through

Get Exclusive Packs and Offers

Lifestyle Rewards members will be able to purchase packs unavailable to other Isagenix Customers. The Daily Wellness Pack is the first exclusive pack to the Lifestyle Rewards program and delivers three features you will love. It includes three of our core products — IsaLean® Shake (2), Cleanse for Life® (1), and Ionix Supreme® (1) — a $50 voucher so you can customize your experience, and a 10 percent discount not only on the 115 BV base Pack, but also on every additional item included in your order. That’s right…add as much as you want to the Daily Wellness Pack, even beyond the $50 voucher, and it’s all 10 percent off! It is the first of many exclusive offers coming to Lifestyle Rewards members.

Set It and Forget It

Lifestyle Rewards is a convenient service that helps ensure you never run out of your favorite IsaLean Shake or go-to snacks on Cleanse Days. By creating a custom recurring order that ships when you want it to, up to 60 days out, your product is delivered to your doorstep.

You can even adjust or cancel your Lifestyle Rewards at any time and are always welcome to swap out products to try something new.

Start taking advantage of the Lifestyle Rewards program today! Simply select the Lifestyle Rewards option when placing your next order, and you’re all set! The discount will automatically apply.

If you have any questions, contact the Isagenix Customer Care team at 1-877-877-8111 or