This is your chance to qualify for a weekend of brilliant training sessions hosted by Isagenix Executives and established leaders here in sunny Arizona – this event is available only to Canadian business builders!

What Is the Canada Executive Summit?

A chance for emerging Canadian Leaders (like you!) to come together at the Isagenix World Headquarters Nov. 1 – 3, 2018 to receive private training on business-building strategies, time management, participating in Leadership Pools, and more. This two-day training will hone in on skills to help advance in rank and grow your business.

How To Earn Your Spot

This event is open to Canadian Associates who have yet to achieve the rank of Executive.

Qualify for the event by:

  • Advancing your rank to Executive or Crystal Executive for the first time from Sept. 1, 2017, through Aug. 30, 2018,


  • Be a Paid-As Executive for a minimum of three weeks during the qualification period.

What Does the Canada Executive Summit Include?

  • 2 days of dedicated coaching from Isagenix Executives and leaders at our Corporate Office in Gilbert, Arizona.
  • Round-trip airfare reimbursement* for up to two qualified guests** (not to exceed a combined total of US$1,200)
  • 3-night accommodations at a designated hotel
  • A tour of Isagenix World Headquarters

View more information about the Summit!  We hope to see you in Arizona this November!

*Isagenix will reimburse qualifying attendees for the cost of round-trip airfare to Phoenix, Arizona up to US$1,200 per Business Center. Flights must be in economy class. Any amount in excess of US$1,200 is the responsibility of the Associate.

**If the qualifying Business Center has two names listed for recognition purposes, qualified guests include the two individuals listed under that Business Center. If the qualifying Business Center has one name listed, qualified guests include the owner of the Business Center and his/her partner/spouse.