This Ship Has Sailed!

The ChampionSHIP Challenge was a seven-month promotion that absolutely blew the covers off the record books around here! If you participated, you deserve a huge round of applause for all your hard work and dedication to our continued effort of making our vision a reality.

Back in June of 2017, we challenged you to grow and develop your business and in doing so, you earned points toward surprise weekly prizes and the opportunity to join us aboard the upcoming ChampionSHIP Challenge Caribbean cruise!

Together We Accomplished So Much!

  • We awarded over US$260,000 in weekly prizes to hundreds of Challengers through bonuses and swag from for hitting big goals.
  • ChampionSHIP challengers welcomed 74,874 new Customers to their businesses and an incredible 62,289 of those new Customers joined with an initial order of 150 BV or more during this promotion!
  • 661,288 Autoship orders left Isagenix distribution centers through this promotion.
  • 16,172 total rank advancements tipped the scales.
  • 1,877 challengers rank advanced to Consultant.
  • 896 challengers rank advanced to Manager.
  • 213 challengers rank advanced to Director.
  • 183 challengers rank advanced to Executive.

Look Who Earned Their Spot on the Cruise!

These leaders will set sail from Puerto Rico in April of 2018. Take a look to see who will be on board!

The Top 25 Team


Jessica Romney

Penny Rowell

Cortnee Ingram

Jonnine Bloss

Ryan Egan & Kelly Egan

Lindsey and Peter Wynia

2. The Caribbean Queens and a KING!

Dan Divjak

Krissy Tung

Carlotta M. Davis

Jennifer Corliss Trinkner

Michalene Buser

Stacey Perlino

3. sEa Shot, Shot, Shots!

Scott Atkins

Sherry Catlin & Michael Dudley

Ardis Samuels

Laura & Rick Hernandez

Leonor Burgana

Josh Martell

4. Girl Bosses

Jennifer Beatie

Christa Beatie

Mary Homan

Cindy Franco

Cora Woodman

Kar Pfingsten

5. MisFits

Jane Asher


Lorrie Edwards

Tiffini Mathews

Sandra Schmitt

Beth Kostin

6. Ship Faced

Stacey Evans & Pete Evans

Abigail Caswell

April Gentry

Janalei Stovall

Nicole & Michael Hammontree

7. SeaGoals

Kelly Small

Jenell Kelly

Kim Malmstrom

Lisa & Casey Childers

Yadira Mariscal & Remberto Arana

Erin & Warren Parker

8. Canadian BeYouT’s

Wendy Dodds

Debi & Graeme Sargent

Katie Dunlevie

Brigitte Bouchard

Isabelle Blondeau

Erin Postle

9. Team We Will Win!!

Duska & Todd Mills

Cheri a& Steve Pierson

Colleen Lynch

Jan & Greg James

Rose & Gordon Slack

Trudy & Nathan Maples

10. Brooklyn Pirates Set Sails

M Sofia Vilares

Bessie Goldin

Jeffrey Tinney

Dominick Madden

Angela Maresca

11. Babe Campaign 1

Kinsey Johnson

Elle & Sam Martinette

Taylor Lutz

Riley Witting

Hannah & Dustin Carey

Mackenzie & John Arball

12. Aspire to Inspire

Tanis Heron

Leah Deans

Kristin Scherger

Amanda Prophet

Jessica Belcourt

Kim Kondruk

13. Synergy

Craig Tilley

Steve Reynolds

Lisa Jastrzembski

Eric Tilley

14. The Accelerators

Jodi Bloom

Robi Dallow

Jennifer Kelsey

David Feldman

Vanessa Tregenza

Carolyn Delpiano


Crystal Neff & Sarah Pool

Heather Nashelle

Holly & Derek Hummel

Else Kerkmann

Laura & John Stevens

16. Bon VoyISA

Adam & Marybeth Sisk

Kim Hudson

Julie and Shawn Searle

Briana LaVorgna

Scott Opie Buchanan & Kelly Buchanan

Robin Cermak


Michael Jewell

Kimberly Joseph

Shawn Bays

Chris Tanaka

Todd Burkis

Alvie Shepherd

18. SS Royal Upgrade

Tara Foote

Karissa Osborne

Steve Hagen

Cindy & Amanda

Micah Loop

Tara Meredith

19. Isa Royalty

Jennifer dePascale

Andrea Bates

Cristina Joseph

Tasha Winburn

Maribeth Linares

20. Sailing AWHEY with Cynergy

John Stankiewicz

Scott Walter

Cyndi Walter

Tyler Walter

Dr. Erin

Susan Wheeler

21. Life With No Box

Raelene & Troy Lehner

Randall & LaDonna Wenner

Jeana Matichak

Dr. Joe & Shanna Boggs

22. Hustle with Muscle

Gina Fink

Renee & Paul Clark

Deborah Stoops

Allie Davis

Ben & Lori Mecham

23. Sunshine Shakers

Lori Miller

Cheryl D

Jennifer Barrett

Elizabeth Hecker

Samantha LaCouture

24. Heart & Sail

Abby & Dylan O’Neil

Melodie Mattes

Lauren & Chris Worthington

Christine DeAngelis

Ashley Reis

Joanna & Mike Cavalcante

25. Healthy Humanity

Aubrey Mable

Chloe Castellano

Ken Chin & Anthony Beguhl

Illyana & Ben Fox

Alicia Mosesso

Missy Bruggeman

Top 50 Individual Winners

Julie Zenke

Kristin Cahill

Dr. Josh & Lisa Dunsky

Bethanny Crouse

Réal & Michele Andrews

Renee & Paul Clark

Sherry Catlin & Michael Dudley

Denise & Kevin Ciancia

Wendy Spreder

Joanie Lepage

Tracey & Chris Palmer

Rita Catolino & Dario Garcia Cabezas

Kaylin Hobbs

Susan McGowan

Marti Monteiro

Drs. Glenn & Ina Nozek

Kristin & Dave Jenkins

Julia & Jay Johnson

Debi & Jeff Beebe

Kristi Denner

Lindsey Hanson

Allison Valenti

Chuck & Roxanne Marbes

Alyssa Kilgore

Krystal Morrison

Jennifer Kokesh

Jack & Erin Murphy

Isaac Woofter

Sandra Tartaglia

Jenny and Chris Zook

Jeanine McDonald

Rebecca a& Igino Cafiero

Amanda Weger

Tracy Manor

Carrie & Greg Mink

Tiffany Wetherbee

Zachary & Stephanie Durocher

Suzanne Maresca

Michelle Berrieault

Karla & Pasquale Italiano

Brandi Whitmer

Amy & Tom Gilberg

Heidi Englebert

Dr. Colleen Olitsky

Seth Sullivan

Lori Earl

Sean & Susan Dampier

Heather & Jon Godfrey

Angela Carnes

Kelly Rose

Lisa Possanza

CK & David Hall

Susanne Zavelle

TJ & Kelly Schraufnagel

Renee & William Trask

Mariah Dagupion

Melissa & Nate Lord

Gwenn Wierzbicki

Scott & Beverly Thomason

Cara Davis

Let’s Make the Most of 2018

Now that the ChampionSHIP Challenge has come to an end, be sure that you’re taking advantage of both the January Jolt and the Welcome Back promotion!

Earning levels or income statements for the Isagenix Independent Associates discussed here exceed the average results achieved by all Associates during the same time period, are not necessarily representative of the success or compensation that any particular Associate will receive, and should not be construed as typical or average. The ability to earn income under the Isagenix Compensation Plan depends on many factors including an individual Associate’s business, social, and sales skills; personal ambition and activity; availability of time and financial resources; and access to a large network of family, friends, and business contacts. Isagenix cannot and does not guarantee any particular level of earnings. Even Associates who dedicate a significant amount of time, effort, and personal funds may not achieve a meaningful level of success. For average earnings, refer to