Easy on the Eyes, Easy on the Ears

The newly redesigned Isagenix® podcast website lets you get news, stories and coaching easier than ever before. 

Not long ago, we decided it was time to get serious about stepping up our podcast game. That’s why when the brand new, re-engineered Isagenix podcast website launches today, access to Isagenix news, information, testimonials and coaching will never be the same. Below are just a few of the many features and highlights of this incredibly powerful, re-imagined informational resource.

Better, stronger, faster

The new, easier-to-see, easier-to-review and easier-to-navigate website puts the entire Isagenix podcast library at your complete disposal. Optimized for easy accessibility to all Isagenix podcast content, now you can get your podcasts quickly, without hassle and with no frustration or barriers to accessibility.

What’s more, you now have direct links to–and can even subscribe and listen to–your favorite podcast via your Smartphone app of choice. This includes iTunes, Google Reader and many others. There’s even new album art on iTunes!

Working 9 to 5

We’ve also been busy optimizing our podcast content. What was previously nine (9) podcast topics has been trimmed to a much more manageable five (5). Now the topics–Business Training, Fitness & Performance, Healthy Aging & Living, IsaBody Challenge and Product Training & Results–are easier to categorize and offer our listeners a more managed approach to selecting their favorites. We’ve even color-coded each topic so every corresponding headline and story/topic is aligned visually for easy category identification.

Spread the (spoken) word

Another dynamic feature of the new site is the ability to share your favorite podcasts on your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus pages–right from the podcast page itself. This allows you to share and spread the news about the Isagenix podcast topics you feel most passionate about.

With new features, new navigation and new streamlined content categories, the new Isagenix podcast website is now an optimal, renewed destination for a greater depth of news, coaching and testimonials.

Don’t wait another moment, visit www.IsagenixPodcast.com today to see and hear all the latest developments and goings-on at the world’s fastest-growing health and wellness company.