Do You Know Someone With the “Heart of Isagenix?”

It’s that time again! This is your chance to recognize a special Isagenix® Associate who is a true example to the rest of the Isagenix family when it comes to servant leadership. So, if you think someone exemplifies the “Heart of Isagenix,” vote for them (only once though, please!).

Here’s what we’re looking for in this special person:
• Goes out of their way to help and inspire others to reach new heights
• Clearly sets organizational direction and purpose within their team
• Displays and reflects unique strengths, culture, values and beliefs that align with the Isagenix mission
• Helps everyone believe that they are part of something bigger than themselves by being a part of Isagenix
• Truly pays attention to people and honors others’ achievements
• Holds open meetings and regularly volunteers to train with Isagenix so they are not only helping their team members, but everyone in Isagenix as a whole
• Communicates regularly and challenges others all while growing in cycles and rank advancements
• Supports and attends Isagenix events regularly including Celebration, New Year Kick Off and Isagenix University

So, if a certain leader or team member just came to mind who truly exemplifies the Heart of Isagenix award, please send your nomination to with their name and where they are from. Please be sure to include your name and ID number along in the email.

Voting for Heart of Isagenix ends December 10, 2012 and the winner will be announced at our 2013 “Focus on Your Future” New Year Kick Off!

Want to know who else will be recognized on stage at New Year Kick Off? Check it out on’s “Recognition” page.