The day of a professional athlete starts early. For professional golfer Anna Nordqvist, it starts in the gym by 6:15 a.m. for a session that doesn’t end until she’s put in 90 minutes of intense training. Her own trainer describes her workouts as brutal, but Anna knows every second spent in the gym means the potential to improve her performance and enhance her game.

Every rep means increasing her speed, endurance, agility, and power, for the edge she needs to get ahead of her competition. There’s no time to lose focus or succumb to fatigue when you’ve got 18 holes that require everything you’ve got.

Anna Nordqvist Is AMPED

Anna may make the life of a pro athlete look easy, but she’s giving it her all every single day. She also has the power of the AMPED™ Performance line to support her and her body. The AMPED performance products help Anna to improve her mental focus, increase her stamina, and support her recovery† not only in the gym but also every day she’s on the course.

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