Congratulations to all of our IsaDerby™ participants. It was a record-breaking run. We had more participants and gave away more prizes than ever before!

This year, the top 10 point-earning teams will take a trip to the Riviera Maya in February 2016, valued at over US$6,600. We’ve also awarding trips to the top 15 individual point earners who are in the START group and did not win as part of the team they are registered on. Finally, we awarded trips to five START members from Australia and New Zealand, who registered and participated individually.

Meet Our Team Grand Prize Winners!

First Place
FNAO – 1342 Points

Team Captains: Tanya & Jeremy K.
Trudy M.
Janie D.
Claudia T.
Leah R.
Jared & Sharaya M.

Third Place
Team Anchored – 1000 Points

Team Captains: John & Laura S.
Sonia M.
Michelle P.
Elizabeth G.
Meisha G.
Emily B.

Fifth Place
Team Express Producers – 885 Points

Team Captain: Jennifer T.
Carlotta D.
Suzanne M.
Carla A.
Shante C.

Seventh Place
Isa-Hot Tamales – 878 Points

Team Captains: Laura & Rick H.
Sherry C. & Michael D.
Steve M.
Evelyn B.
Joshua M.

Ninth Place
Team Get to Bret – 835 Points

Team Captain: Jessica R.
Luis L.
Julia S.
Chelsea O.
Ashley K.
Jennifer M.

Second Place
Affirmed Visionaries – 1316 Points

Team Captains: Rachel & JT T.
Lindsey W.
Corey & Cindy P.
Sybil & David I.
Wendy C.
Carrie S.

Fourth Place
The Blonde Musketeers – 985 Points

Team Captain: Delrae M.
Jess & Eric K.
Misty & Nick I.
Stephanie K.
Amy N.
Crystal O.

Sixth Place
#DudeYouGuys – 878 Points

Team Captains: Katie & Jim N.
Keith & Melissa C.
Stephanie & Matt G.
Ashley & Lane L.
Nikki & Jon S.
Kali H.

Eighth Place
The Accelerators – 852 Points

Team Captain: Jodi B.
Hillarie S.
Jennifer S.
Alexis R.
Carolyn D.
Jennifer P.

Tenth Place
IsaGirls: Nothin’ But a Good Time – 828 Points

Team Captain: Wendy W.
Erin P.
Charis J.
Allison C.
Allison H.