Cathy, her husband John and their two children, Ryan and Tori.

Cathy is an internationally recognized fitness and figure coach, who trains thousands of men and women and is the newest Isagenix® Millionaire, who makes managing two high-powered businesses look easy!

“I heard a lot about Isagenix,” shares Cathy. “I just never got around to looking into it.”

That was until Cathy’s client, and Isagenix Millionaire, 10-Star Platinum and 6-Star Executive Lori H., insisted on incorporating the Isagenix Energy and Performance System into her workout.

“I knew nothing about the products Lori was using,” explains this former fitness competitor, “but, I agreed to coach her anyway.”

It wasn’t until seeing Lori’s already fit physique become more defined that Cathy became a believer.

“I admit it,” laughs Cathy. “I started sharing the products halfway through Lori’s transformation but I still hadn’t tried them myself.”

That wouldn’t happen for another six months.

The Secret Power of Protein

“My whole reason for breaking down and finally agreeing to try the products was that I was exhausted with my job, my kids and my husband traveling all the time,” admits Cathy.

Since Cathy couldn’t add more hours to the day, she would settle for an increase in energy.

“I was blown away with how good I was feeling that I started to get paranoid,” chuckles Cathy. “I was starting to think these products could not be natural.”

To put her mind at ease, Cathy did a little research to learn more about the products.

“The science sealed the deal for me,” adds this mother of two. “I was ready to share the products with everyone, including my clients.”

That’s also when Lori introduced Cathy to Isagenix Millionaire, 6-Star Golden Circle and 2-Star Executive Holly D.

“Holly insisted I attend the company’s upcoming annual Celebration event,” shares Cathy. “I wanted nothing to do with the business. When she heard that, she flew to Boston and literally put me on a plane.”

Cathy credits Holly’s persistent nature for getting her into the business. If it wasn’t for Holly, Cathy would not be one of our top income earners and our 103rd Isagenix Millionaire.

Eventful Celebration

That event inspired Cathy to really ignite her Isagenix business. By September 2011, she was gaining great momentum, but her “Type A” personality was subconsciously not allowing her fitness business to cross over into her network marketing business.

Thanks to coaching from Isagenix Millionaire, 14-Star Platinum and 10-Star Crystal Executive Lynn H., Cathy understood the benefits of marrying both businesses. That advice propelled her Isagenix business!

Cathy S. Girls

Cathy with a few of her “Savage Girls”

“Isagenix is now part of the bigger picture when it comes to my fitness business,” adds this newly minted Isagenix Millionaire, 7-Star Platinum and 9-Star Crystal Executive. “We are global with more than 700 clients internationally.”

“I buy a lot of shoes with that money,” laughs Cathy. “I’ve also put enough money away to pay for both of my kids’ college educations in full—they’re only 10 and 12 years old.”

Paying It Forward

Initially, Cathy’s “why” was simple: to get healthy and help get her clients healthy. Last summer her “why” dramatically evolved to include her family when her father got sick.

“My father was placed in ICU in June 2013 and passed away in October 2013. My businesses allowed me to spend 12 hours a day with him,” shares Cathy. “My brother was not so lucky. He lost his corporate job after taking a leave of absence. Because of my Isagenix income, I can help my brother financially as he establishes his new Isagenix business.”

To fulfill her father’s legacy of helping others, Cathy and her family have established the James R. Savage Scholarship Foundation in his honor. The foundation gives scholarships to college-bound students pursuing a degree in healthcare or education.

For more on Cathy and her vision for 2014, watch this video.

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