Check Out These Top Achievers Qualifiers

We already have nearly 50 businesses that have qualified to attend our incredible Top Achievers event at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas April 11-13, 2013!

Based on how these businesses have qualified, they will receive airfare, hotel, food or all of the above. Here are the five ways you can earn your invitation.

Take a look at those who’ve earned a spot already (organized in alphabetical order by first name):

Barb M.
Brooke M.
Cathy S.
Carol F.
Carol W.
Carolyne R. & Steven B.
Dani & Jay H.
Deborah K.
Emily & Hayden
Erin P.
Heidi B.
Herb & Patty C.
Hilari & Justin C.
Holly D.
Jen S.
John & Lori L.
Joy S.
Kari-Lyn & Shawn O.
Kathy & Bill H.
Kathy & Tom S.
Kevin & Angie F.
Kyle & Megan N.
Laura H.
LeeAnne H.
Lisa D.
Lisa W.
Lori & Chris H.
Lynn H.
Melanie L.
Michael B.
Nancy M.
Nicola S.
RaQuett S.
Renata L. & Bob N.
Rob & Nicole S.
Ron & Jo Ann B.
Shane F.
Shannon & Chris F.
Sherry C. & Michael D.
Sue & Glenn F.
Susan S. & Chris A.
Terry S.
Terry T.
Tim M.
Todd N.
Tricia H.
Warren & Arlene L.
Wendy C.

Go after your goals and set your sights on this beautiful, luxurious trip to the Bahamas!