07-17-17_cfpenhancements_700x112Since we launched the Customer First initiative in March 2017, we’ve continued to improve the entire Customer experience in an ongoing effort to make Isagenix the largest and most friendly health and wellness company in the world!

You’ll notice many exciting improvements to the Customer experience intended to get your new Customers started the right way with all the information they need to hit the ground running. Additionally, we’ve made enhancements to improve the Enrolling Sponsor’s experience as well. Overall, we’re working to create the most welcoming and simple enrollment experience possible!

What’s New?

NEW Savings Selection Placement
Not only will your new Customer get started right when they join through the new online process, but now they can select their account type up front. This helps showcase the correct product pricing throughout the enrollment process.  Members can select whether they intend to become a Preferred Customer with Autoship, Preferred Customer, Customer or Customer with Autoship right after selecting their country of residence.

NEW Customers Can Accumulate Group Volume
Now with Customer First, Customers and Preferred Customers accumulate group volume for their first 90 days then freeze that volume for an additional 90 days.  Also, Customers and Preferred Customers can accumulate excess PV over 100 for 180-days from join date. There is an  automatic messages notifying Customers and Preferred Customers on their potential volume and educating them on the benefits of converting to Associate, as well as a message to the Enrolling Sponsor with a notification to reach out to their Customer to help them become an Associate.

Active Shopping Cart
As you and your Customers shop, additions to the shopping cart are updated in real time!

Video Auto-Resume
When a Customer decides to become an Associate and take part in our Team Compensation Plan and begins the Pathway to Associate process, they are required to watch a short Compliance video so they understand the responsibilities of being an Isagenix Associate. We’ve streamlined this process so that the Customer is aware of the video length and the Compliance video will now automatically restart from where the Customer last left off if they were unable to complete the entire video at one time.

Activity Prompts
There are now automated messages alerting Associates who are not completing business-building activities in their Back Office as well as their alerts for Associates who have gone certain amounts of time having completed no business building activities. These will ensure they stay active as an Associate.

At Isagenix, Customers are always first and always will be. We hope you enjoy the latest enhancements to the entire Customer and Associate experience as we continue to implement new technology and incredible new features!