Isagenix is in momentum! We know this by the thousands of new Associates signing up around the world every day. To help get you to Celebration, we are re-opening Celebration’s registration until Sunday, August 17.

Take advantage of this opportunity and $199 price to purchase any last-minute tickets for your team now! Don’t waste time standing in line on-site and paying the full price of $299 at Event Registration when you could be immediately embracing everything this event has to offer.

This extended period of time also applies to ticket transfers as well. If you, or anyone on your team, still has a ticket they want to give to a friend or family member, do it today. Please note, the Gala is still SOLD OUT, and as a result of the number of attendees, we are unable to open up the awards ceremony for general attendee viewing.

To purchase a Celebration ticket(s):

  • Log in to your Back Office and click the yellow “View & Manage Events” button. Next, select “Company Events” and under “Event Type” select “Celebration.” Finally, click “Search” to access the “Registration” button.

To transfer a Celebration ticket:

  • Log in to your Back Office and select the “View & Manage Events” button. Next, select the “Downline Registrations” tab located near the bottom of the page. A new page will open showing your current tickets and allow you to transfer your unassigned ticket(s).
  • Once you transfer your unassigned ticket(s), please contact that specific team member(s) and let them know they have a reserved ticket waiting. That’s it!

For more events-related information, visit IsagenixCelebration.com.