This year at Global Celebration 2017, we were joined by nearly 15,000 incredible individuals to learn more about our amazing company and how we’re changing lives each and every day with our no-compromise products.

Many of those in attendance were new to the excitement, and many were experienced leaders. Several individuals were recognized and rewarded for their hard work, dedication, and network marketing success, making this another truly inspirational event.

Exclusive Receptions and Clubs

crystal-rally-receptionOn Monday night, we kicked things off and celebrated more than 900 new Crystal Executives at our third annual Crystal Rally Reception, recognizing all Associates who reached the rank of Crystal Executive between July 2016 and July 2017. They worked hard in their business all year long, and on this night, they enjoyed the perks of being an all-star.

On Tuesday night, we recognized our amazing Associates at the exclusive Global Top 100 Reception, a remarkable evening that won’t be forgotten. Held right before the Gala Awards, our exclusive Top 100 enjoyed spectacular entertainment and the chance to mingle with Jim and Kathy Coover and other top leaders.

By day, our 3-Star Golden Circle and above businesses also enjoyed exclusive access to the Club Six lounge, where they had the chance to unwind and relax with amazing products and a headshot station, as well as enjoy an impactful Q&A with Isagenix Millionaire* Susan Sly.

Incredible Onstage Recognition

This year, we were honored to recognize an astonishing number of remarkable men and women who have been incredibly successful over this past year and who have changed so many lives. Onstage, we recognized more than 400 inspiring leaders in our Global Annual Income Earner Clubs, including 25 businesses that earned $1 million or more during the 12-month time frame of June 2016-May 2017.

We also introduced 22 new Isagenix Millionaires* who have cumulatively earned $1 million or more since joining Isagenix. Each of these extremely hardworking leaders was among the first to be a part of our new Isagenix Recognition program, the Isagenix Legacy Club. Announced onstage, this club will recognize the passion our leaders have for building a legacy with Isagenix through love and charity.

The Gala Awards

On Tuesday night, we celebrated the most important recognition night of the year at our 2017 Gala Awards. A green-carpeted evening hosted by acclaimed television personalities and New York Times best-selling authors Bill and Giuliana Rancic, we saw firsthand where hard work and dedication can lead as we recognized honored hundreds of our Associates for their outstanding accomplishments.

Please join us in congratulating our incredible award winners listed below.

Spirit of Isagenix

Our Spirit of Isagenix award recipient was chosen by their fellow Associates for their dedication to our shared mission and values. Only one deserving Associate per year receives this prestigious award.

This year, that winner is:laura-scott-st-john

Laura & Scott St. John



Woman of the Year

This award is presented to one woman carefully chosen by the Isagenix executive team for her commitment to developing leaders and business builders. She exemplifies the Isagenix mission through sharing our company values and by helping others succeed. lisa-demayo

This year, our Woman of the Year is:

Lisa DeMayo


Man of the Year

The Man of the Year eats, sleeps, and breathes the Isagenix vision. He is hand-selected by the Isagenix executive team for his passion for changing lives, growing his team, and advancing his business. justin-courtney

Our 2017 Man of Year is:

Justin Courtney


Couple of the Year

Selected by the Isagenix executive team, this couple is chosen for their outstanding performance throughout the year. They continue to preserve the Isagenix mission by sharing Isagenix Systems and products and by developing and mentoring new leaders.angelike-david-norrie

This year’s winners are:

Angelike & David Norrie



Top Leader in Action Awardcyndi-walter

Cyndi Walter



North American Leader of the Year

The North American Leader of the Year is presented with this award as an acknowledgement of their hard work, embodiment of the Isagenix culture, and active involvement with their team. The winner is calculated using the Leader in Action formula plus their personal rank advancements.

This year, there was a tie, the winners are:holly-danielle

Holly Danielle



Lori Petrillilori-petrelli




International Leader of the Year

The International American Leader of the Year is presented with this award as an acknowledgement of their hard work, embodiment of the Isagenix culture, and active involvement with their team. The winner is calculated using the Leader in Action formula plus their personal rank advancements.martha-martinez

This year’s winner is:

Martha Martinez


President’s Award

One business builder is carefully chosen by the Isagenix executive team for their extraordinary efforts toward growing their Isagenix business. They continually exemplify the Isagenix mission and in doing so have made considerable contributions to the growth of Isagenix. lynn-hagedorn-michael-clouse-2016

This year’s President’s Award winners are:

Lynn Hagedorn & Michael Clouse


President’s Quest Winners

These deserving Associates earned Leader in Action points between July 2016 and June 2017 by engaging in business-building activities that have led to their success:

Lindsey & Peter Wynia

Narelle & Richard

Julia & Jay Johnson

Adam Nesbitt & Bianca Bathurst

Kim Aliprantis

Sandra Davidson

Gayle Connole

Michelle Fuller & Darrin Vassallo

START Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors lead the START movement by example while giving their time and knowledge to help people all over the world create their own personal freedom and a lasting legacy:

Georgie Thomas

Gabrielle Dean & Grant Pearce

Mary & Danny Kruger

Lynn Fitzpatrick

Adam Nesbitt & Bianca Bathurst

Meredith Franklin

Mackenzie Blanchard Arball

Elliot & Lindsey Schwartz

Kristie Shaver

Shooting Star Award

Adam Nesbitt & Bianca Bathurst Lara Nicholls
Andrew & Angela Logan Laura Donnelly
Angie Simmons Lindsay & Cory Hoffbuhr
Ann Barrante Lindsey & Peter Wynia
Becky & Shane O’Donnell Lisa & Bob Maciel
Beth & Jared Graham Lisa DeMayo
Blake York INC. Lori & Chris Harder
Brett Davis & Samantha Gascoigne Lori Olson
Brittney Kara McLaughlin Lori Petrilli
Carrie & Chris Michaels Luna Pang
Chris Duncan Lynn Hagedorn & Michael Clouse
Christin & Justin Daubert Marc & Danielle Slugh
Chuck & Juli Urevick Martha Martinez
Cindi Rosse Melanie Reagan
Cindy Franco Michelle Eager
Cyndi Walter Michelle Johnson
Dana & Mike Lombardi Natacha Ouellette
Danny & Tammy Yaggey Nigel   Victoria de Ryck
Debi & Jeff Beebe Pierson & Christine Galicinao
Delialah & Todd Lotich Polly & Ken Breithaupt
Delrae Messer Rachel & JT Thomas
Dr. Colleen Olitsky Rachel Gershowitz
Dr. Omar Husein Raven  
E n E Regina Maria Becerra
Elaine Sanchez Richer Life
Emily & Hayden Vavra Rita Catolino & Dario Garcia Cabezas
Emma & Cam Poli Sabina Keil
Fredy William Serrano A Sam Anderton
Gus Kalathakis Sammi Loh
Heather & Neal Rickard Sandi Watkins
Heather Martin Sandra Davidson
Helen Turner Sara Gawthorn
Holly Danielle Shelley & Dr. Tom Preston
Ian Smith Shelly Jefferis
Irma Dian Sari Sioni & Belinda Iuni
Jackson Parr Stacey & Andras Gyurian
Janice Foerch Stephanie Villers
Jen & Jono Patch Steven Livoti
Jennifer Andrews Hudson Bay
Jessica & Tyler Steeves Tanya & Carl Marchese
Jo & Paul Mould Tanya & Jeremy Kirkpatrick
Josette Leblanc Tara & Gehl Higgs
Josh Carder & Sarah Berry The Livacious Consortium
Joy Schonholz Tiffany & Erik Anderson
Juana Maria Mendoza Tonya Mann
Julia & Jay Johnson Treslie & Ryan Frey
Kari-Lyn & Shawn Owen Trisha & John Kavanagh
Kate & Bryan Gailey Trudy & Nathan Maples
Kimberly Judd-Pennie Zach & Eden Slobin
Kristen Morton 秀琴
Kristine & Riley Brennan  

Top Recruiter Award

No. 1 Sandra Schmitt

No. 2 Tom Reaney

No. 3 Renee Trask

Leadership Growth Award

No. 1 Jennifer Corliss Trinkner

No. 2 Laura & John Stevens

No. 3 Tara Romano

Global Impact Award

No. 1 Jackson Parr

No. 2 Hector & Paola Bravo

No. 3 Viviana Espinosa

No. 4 Claudia Ayala

No. 5 Alejandra Arroyo & Alfonso Martinez

Women of Isagenix

Abby O’Neil Jessica Reigner
Angela Maresca Jessica Steeves
Carlita Tohtz Joanna Cavalcante
Carly Hewitt Julie Coughlin
Carol Elizabeth Kimberly Woyski
Carrie Michaels Kylie Donaldson
Cory Kinnear Laura Stevens
Debi Beebe Mara Pomana
Delrae Messer Natalie Cook & Sarah Maxwell
Elaine Moody Peggy Libel
Elizabeth Baska Rachel Pedretti
Holly Danielle Rachel Thomas
Jen Bayer Treslie Frey
Jen Jefferies Tricia Sedgwick
Jen Murgatroy Trudy Maples

jacki-palmerEmployee Chairman’s Award

Jacki Palmer



We are so honored to have each of these Associates as a part of our Isagenix family, and would not be where we are today without their unwavering passion for changing lives. To learn more about how you can be recognized at future events, stay tuned to

Earning levels or income statements (including claims such as the ability to quit a job or stay at home or portrayals of luxury lifestyles) for the Isagenix Independent Associates discussed here exceed the average results achieved by all Associates during the same time period, are not necessarily representative of the success or compensation that any particular Associate will receive, and should not be construed as typical or average. The ability to earn income under the Isagenix Compensation Plan depends on many factors including an individual Associate’s business, social, and sales skills; personal ambition and activity; availability of time and financial resources; and access to a large network of family, friends, and business contacts. Isagenix cannot and does not guarantee any particular level of earnings. Even Associates who dedicate a significant amount of time, effort, and personal funds may not achieve a meaningful level of success. For average earnings, refer to the Isagenix Earnings Disclosure Statement at

*An Isagenix Millionaire is an Independent Associate to whom Isagenix has paid a gross total of $1 million or more since joining Isagenix. Earnings reflect gross amounts that do not include any business expenses. For average earnings of Independent Associates, refer to the Isagenix Earnings Disclosure Statement at