Share Your 90-Day Game Plan Success Stories

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So, you followed your 90-Day Game Plan, you dreamed, you achieved, you celebrated, and you repeated. You found your “Why,” established your vision, created your contact list, hosted Launch Parties, and developed your team. You introduced Isagenix products to new people to transform their lives. Now, we want to hear your success story!

After Losing Everything, Angie and Jason Bounced Back With One Word—Belief

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Angie and Jason lost everything. They both lost their jobs and soon after their home. With three little girls, no income, and no home, they knew the road to recovery wouldn’t be easy. However, Angie and Jason don’t quit. They’re very determined, resilient parents and their story revolves around one word: belief.

Mom of Two Takes the Step to Transform Her Life

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Elizabeth L. worked hard for a fantastic physical transformation but for months turned down the Isagenix business opportunity. As she and her husband struggled and the bills piled up, she thought to herself, “Why wouldn't I share these products with others?” And that was just the beginning for her and her family.

See Why Associates Voted for Our 2015 Spirit of Isagenix Winners

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Three humble leaders emerge jubilant and grateful after being declared winners of the 2015 Spirit of Isagenix award. These Associates were voted on by their peers because they exemplify the Isagenix mission and culture, mentorship, and spirit. They go above and beyond to help everyone break through. Here’s your 2015 Spirit of Isagenix award recipients.

Introducing the NEW 3-Star Golden Circle Recognition Program

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Rank advancing to 3-Star Golden Circle means you’re well on your way to unlocking a six-figure income.** This milestone deserves massive celebration! That’s why all of us at Isagenix are excited to announce the premier 3-Star Golden Circle Recognition Program. Check out the amazing 3-Star Golden Circle perks at Celebration 2015.

Miss Georgia 1961 Tells You Her Secret to Aging Well

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Standing picture perfect next to Kirk Douglas as Miss Sprite of 1969, Glenda was the classic model of the ‘60s. Glenda began her career as a model with Atlanta Models and Talent during that decade. Now 72 years young, you'll be amazed at what Glenda looks like today as she shares her top tips for looking and feeling great.

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