8 Secrets Behind Isagenix Science (Video)

Have you ever wondered how Isagenix ensures its products are safe, or perhaps what "no-compromise” means?  Maybe you’re curious to know if our products have to meet FDA guidelines. We understand! Time and time again we are asked the very same questions. After all, it’s only natural to want to learn more about your favorite products. Instead of writing a lengthy article explaining our rigorous testing and thorough protocols, which could be confusing if you’re not a scientist, we created Continue reading →

2 Ways to Save When Purchasing Isagenix Every Month

Looking to get healthy without shrinking your bank account? Isagenix offers two incredible ways to save each and every month when you purchase your favorite system or pak! Here’s how: Sign up for Autoship and save 5% on all systems and paks versus purchasing each item individually. The bigger the system or pak the more you save. The discount is based on the Business Volume* (BV) of your specific pak or system: 150-299 BV will receive an additional 5% discount 300+ BV will receive Continue reading →

Your Two-Month Summer Body Plan

It’s almost time for shorts, swimsuits and all things summer. Is your body ready? Get serious in the next 60 days and you’ll be ready to face summer with confidence! Here’s the plan: Step 1: Commit! Why are you working so hard over the next 60 days? If you don’t have an answer now, you’ll have a lot of excuses for the next two months. Find out what is motivating you and create positive reminders that will encourage you to stay in positive action toward your goals. Take your starting Continue reading →