The Canadian Spirit of Isagenix Award: Nominations Now Open!

We’ve got spirit, yes, we do! We’ve got spirit; how about you?

Every year at Celebration, we announce the highly anticipated Spirit of Isagenix award, but at Isagenix, it’s clear we have too much spirit for just one winner. That’s why this year at our first-ever Canada Celebration, we’ll be announcing our very first Canadian Spirit of Isagenix award winner.

If you know someone who truly exemplifies the Spirit of Isagenix, resides in Canada, and is dedicated to the Isagenix mission statement and culture, please nominate them for this special voter’s choice award.

Based on your essay submissions, the best nominations will earn a spot as a top 10 finalist for the award. After the nomination period, you’ll be able to vote for the winning Associate who will be recognized onstage in front of their peers at Canada Celebration 2018.

Submit your nomination now through Feb. 12, 2018. Stay tuned for our announcement of the top 10 finalists!

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