Calories, macronutrients, exercise, and the right nutrition are all essential to the four health solutions of Isagenix—Weight Loss, Energy, Performance, and Healthy Aging—but there are two components many forget while working toward a transformation: mental focus and sleep.

The Brain and Sleep Support System features Brain Boost & Renewal™ and Sleep Support & Renewal™ working together to help you achieve restful sleep at night.

Good for You and for Your Business

The Brain and Sleep Support System can support all four of our health solutions.

  • Weight Loss: Successful weight loss requires determination and consistency. Quality sleep can help you concentrate on your routine and stay on course with your transformation.
  • Energy: While products like e+™ and Isagenix Coffee are a perfect pick-me-up in the morning and during the “afternoon lull,” your body can benefit from a good night’s sleep to function properly the following day.
  • Performance: Mental toughness matters, and athletes and active adults both need focus through exercise and training. The body also uses sleep to recover and repair muscles  after a workout.
  • Healthy Aging: Older adults can benefit from improved nutrition and quality sleep combined with great nutrition and a high-protein diet.

Brain Boost & Renewal

Brain Boost & Renewal provides dietary support for overall brain function and cognitive functions, including mental clarity and memory.†

Sleep Support

Sleep Support is a great-tasting, oral melatonin spray to support restful sleep.†

The Brain and Sleep Support System is only $49/33 BV in the U.S. and $54/33 BV in Canada. Visit your Back Office and order yours today!

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